Gretchen Wilson + John Rich = Black Crowes



Country diva turning
out to be a real horse’s ass…

By Fred Mills


When we posted our July 30 news item about the Black Crowes
suing Gretchen Wilson for copyright infringement (they say her song “Work Hard
Play Harder” is musically similar to their own “Jealous Again”), we did it
between yawns — who gives a shit about some silly country music diva, anyhow?
Here’s hoping she gets a good ol’ Georgia ass-whuppin’ from the
Crowes’ well-paid legal team just the same.


Never ones to pass up a free juicy news item to post to the
BLURT site however, this just got slipped over the transom from the Crowes’
label, Megaforce:



an interesting tidbit about The
Black Crowes
claim of copyright
infringement against Gretchen Wilson.

One of the co-writers of the Wilson
song is Country Star John Rich (of Big &
), who announced today he has penned a
quasi “Presidential” song for John
McCain. John Rich and John
will appear together today in Florida.


“Work Hard, Play Harder” songwriters: John Rich, Vicky McGehee and Gretchen Wilson.



Well, that’s kind of a yawn too, followed by a “DUH.” Isn’t
it required that before you get your Big Country Star credentials from Music
Row, Inc., that you have to register as a fucking Republican anyway? (Big
shout-out to Doonesbury,



So both Wilson and Rich are putzes — big whoop. Anyhow, you
can check out the two songs and decide for yourself if the Crowes are likely to
prevail with their legal complaint. (Hint: you won’t have to think about it too
much. Jeezus…)


 At the top is the
Crowes song, followed by Wilson’s:





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