Ettes 2nd Album + Tour + Video


Look At Life Again Soon arriving Sept. 9 on CD.

By Fred Mills



BLURT garage-punk/femme-pop faves the Ettes will be doing a
mini-tour up the East Coast in a few weeks to celebrate the official CD issue
of their second album Look At Life Again
(produced by White Stripes/Billy Childish pal Liam Watson, at Toe Rag
in England).
Coco – vocals, guitar; Poni – drums, vocals; and Jem – bass, vocals: will be
hitting Atlanta, Raleigh, Washington and Philly, and those dates will be
preceded by a pair of shows next week in their current home of Nashville.


Initially self-released on vinyl back in March – when the
band, not so coincidentally, wowed several packed houses at SXSW in Austin,
including one of the NME parties –
the album is now coming out on the Take Root label on Sept. 9. It’s already
available as a digital download and you can check out choice tracks at the
band’s MySpace page, too.


Watch BLURT soon for an interview with Coco – we originally
profiled her in the band in our debut digital magazine, and seeing as that is
now out of print and the CD is en route, we figured this would be as good a
time as any to resurrect the still-timely article. Meanwhile, we’ve got this
cool video the band shot for the song “I Get Mine.”



Tour Dates:


Aug 28 2008  12:00P

– SWIZ KIDS DANCE PARTY!            NASHVILLE, Tennessee

Aug 29 2008   9:00P


Sep 9 2008      9:00P

UNICORN        ATLANTA, Georgia

Sep 10 2008    9:00P

            LOCAL 506   RALEIGH, North Carolina

Sep 11 2008    9:00P

            BLACK CAT             WASHINGTON
DC, Washington DC

Sep 12 2008    9:00P

            THE KHYBER          PHILADELPHIA,




“I Get Mine” from Look At Life Again Soon:



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