Dumbass Idea: Instigate Debate Launches In UK


Why debate when you can instigate? Or vice versa? How about
doing both simultaneously? That’s the somewhat muddled theory behind a new
website dubbed Instigate Debate, officially launching in Britain
tomorrow, Aug. 16, in conjunction with the huge British V Festival taking place
this weekend. (How exactly do you “launch” a website at a festival?)


According to a report filed today by the NME, Instigate
Debate is aimed at reigniting “political and social debate and tone down the
tabloidisation of British culture” — for example, said ID in a statement,
“We are asking people not to ask public figures for autographs or film
them surreptitiously with their mobile phones. But to ask them if they can
film, then ask socio/political questions, rather than next album/merchandise/love
life stuff.”


Er, right. THAT’s gonna happen. Sure. When was the last time
you saw a rock fan that even knew what a socio/political question was, much
less how to form and phrase one?


Skepticism aside, it’s an admirable goal, and reportedly
some high profile musicians, including Dirty Pretty Things/Libertines’ Carl
Barat, Babyshambles’ Drew McConnell and Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson are
throwing their support behind ID. NME adds that when the site launches it “will
feature the likes of Barat, McClure, McConnell,Alan
, Suggs, Jon Snow and George Galloway waxing lyrical about everything from foreign policy to whether money has
changed them as people.”


Looks like they ran out of topics fast. Er, we thought the
money question would be taboo too. Hey, it’s England, land of class
consciousness! (Someone should try this in America, which if course is in no
way a land of class consciousness. We’re barely conscious.)


Okay, now isn’t this just about the most dumbass thing you’ve
read all day?


By the way, did anyone notice how closely the ID logo, above, resembles that old RIAA bogeyman “Home Taping Is Killing Music”?


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