Decemberists w/Bridesmaid-Themed Singles Series


Issuing three volumes
between now and December 2.

By Fred Mills



Hip-hop impresarios the Decemberists (okay, bad joke, but
raise your hand if you get it) return in October with
the first installment of  Always the Bridesmaid: A Singles Series,
which Capitol will offer digitally and the band will sell on 12″ vinyl via
Y.A.B.B./Jealous Butcher. (In the UK it will also come out as a 7″
series on Rough Trade, just to get your collector scum juices flowing.)


So whattaya get?


Oct. 14 – Volume 1: “Valerie Plame” and “O New England” (the A-side is described as “an
amorous tribute to the onetime CIA operative written from the point-of-view of
one of Plame’s inside contacts upon discovering her true identity”)


Nov. 4 – Volume 2: “Days of Elaine,” “Days of Elaine (long)” and “I’m Sticking With You” (what,
the Velvet Underground novelty song?!?)


Dec. 2 – Volume 3: “Record Year” and “Raincoat Song”



The band is slated to appear on Conan O’Brien’s show Nov. 3
to do “Valerie Plame.” Which, not so coincidentally, is Election Eve. Nice
reminder, that, of the Administration’s high crimes and misdemeanors for the
past 8 years. No surrender, baby.




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