Beach Boys + Manson (x 666) = Satan!


Teenage symphonies
from God revealed as shell corporation front for Lucifer!

By Fred Mills


That’s not just rock math we’re talkin’ in the headline
above — it really happened in the late ‘60s, particularly if you were palling
around with the Beach Boys’ Dennis Wilson. In a new DVD due Sept. 30 from Zeit
1/MVD titled The Beach Boys and the Satan the whole story behind how future Tate-LaBianca killings mastermind Charlie
Manson sucked Wilson
into his dark vortex is outlined in lurid detail. The 1-hour documentary film,
initially available in 1997 when it was produced for German TV, has been out of
print for years and this marks its first appearance on DVD.



According to MVD:



Most people imagine California during the
sixties to be an idyllic peaceful and highly creative place in which some of
the greatest music of the sixties and beyond was created. In many ways this is
true but there was also a dark undercurrent that took hold during the late
sixties and it stretched out and infiltrated what many people to be
“America’s Band” The Beach Boys when drummer Dennis Wilson became
involved with a cult led by Charles Manson called “The Family”. This
documentary details the Beach Boys rise to success into context with rarely
seen footage of the band, while it exposes the Summer of Love’s darkest side
and investigates the connections between some of the most controversial
characters of that period (Anton La Vey, Kenneth Anger, and Brian Wilson) and
their connection to the Manson Family. The film includes interviews with Kim
Fowley, Don Was and the creative force behind the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson.




Hey, as long as we’re on the topic, check out the Jesus Is
Savior website which exposes the
connection between the Beach Boys and Satan
— literally! Who needs a bunch
of Manson mumbo-jumbo when we’ve got REAL proof that Brian Wilson surrendered
his soul to the dark prince ages ago. Hail Lucifer!



Here’s a sample entry:



there’s Brian Wilson’s song, God Only
.  Although the song didn’t become popular at the time, it has
become an icon of the Beach Boys
The song is extremely popular nowadays and is cherished worldwide.  The
only problem is that Brian Wilson isn’t sure there is a God.  When asked
by interviewer, Andrew Schwartz, “Are
you thinking about God these days?”, Wilson


think about God, yes, and I wonder if there is a God. And if there is a God,
will God please help me through my hard trips.”
SOURCE, INTERVIEW: Backtalk with Brian Wilson


I find it utterly disturbing that
any individual could sing about a God he’s not sure exists.  To make
matters even more freakish, Wilson


gone beyond him (Phil Spector) now. I’m doing the spiritual sound,
a white spiritual soundReligious music … That’s the
whole movement.  That’s where I’m going.  It’s going to scare a lot
of people … That’s where I’m going and it’s going to scare a lot of people
when I get there.”
~Brian Wilson quoted in Jules Siegel’s article, Goodbye Surfing Hello God!


Here’s a guy who wants to produce
religious music; but isn’t sure if God exists.  Interestingly, Brian
Wilson in the quote above speaks of a “white spiritual sound”; which
is a deviation from his “dark stuff” mentioned in the quote
below.  But, ironically, Wilson
is still unsure of God’s existence.  I want you to notice carefully here
that you can sing witchcraft or religious music, and still be totally void and
ignorant of God and His Word.  Wilson
hasn’t found God, he’s found religion; and religion is the most godless thing
on the planet.  You need Jesus Christ Mr. Wilson; not religion.



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