Bad Video Theater: Starbuck



Punk notwithstanding,
there actually WAS a reason why 1976 kinda sucked…

By Fred Mills


Yet one more reason why God created lip-synching for TV
shows – although we’re not sure if they “get the concept” of lip-synching. This
clip of “Moonlight Feels Right” by ‘70s cheese merchants Starbuck has to be
seen to be believed; it’s from a 1976 appearance on Midnight Special and boy, you can smell the fromage all the way from here to YouTube.


Check out the ‘stache! The shag ‘dos! The cut-down-to-navel
jumpsuit on the hairy chested vibes player! That gayer-than-gay white chapeau!


Incredibly, the Wikipedia entry on the Atlanta band is
somewhat truncated, suggesting that Starbuck is perhaps not held in the same
degree of regard as, say, Bob Dylan, the Strawberry Alarm Clock or even the
Starbucks coffee chain (no relation). To wit:




“Starbuck was a rock band formed in Atlanta, Georgia
in 1974 by  keyboardist/vocalist/record
producer Bruce Blackman and marimba player Bo Wagner. The band’s debut single,
“Moonlight Feels Right”, reached the #3 position on the Billboard Hot
100 singles charts in 1976. Although the band never re-created the success of
their debut, several of their songs did chart in the Billboard Top 100 and
their 1977 release “Everybody Be Dancin'” reached #38.


“From 1976 to 1980, the band toured with popular groups of
the era including ELO, KC & the Sunshine Band, Hall & Oates and Boston. TV appearances
included American Bandstand, The Merv Griffin Show, The Dinah Shore Show, The
Mike Douglas Show and Solid Gold.”



Guess Wikipedia missed that Midnight Special broadcast, eh? Fun fact: at one point Starbuck was
on the same label as Blondie! Not at the same time, though…


Happy viewing, and have a great weekend from your friendly
neighborhood BLURT.




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