Antony On New EP, Jan. Full-Length


October five-song EP
leads up to release of full-length next year.

By Blurt Staff


and the Johnsons will release the “Another
” EP October 7th on Secretly Canadian – their first release since
2005’s Mercury Prize winning album “I am
a Bird Now
“. The EP precedes their forthcoming album,” The Crying Light,” to be released in January.



What’s interesting is that the full-length had originally
been slated for a Spring 2008 release. In late 2007, Antony Hegarty spoke with
BLURT predecessor Harp magazine about
the work in progress, observing, “I have a feeling that it might just be me
singing on this album,” he says, on the phone from his New York home. “There
was a really community oriented aspect about it [I Am A Bird Now], and
this one’s a little more internal in a way. It’s a little further out in space.
A lot of the songs are just piano songs [and] some of it is a little more
experimental structurally. But some of [the songs] are really normal… I’m
hoping to weave things together so it will be a little more of a collage of



Elaborating on the album’s themes, Hegarty added, “It’s
about landscape and the future. I guess I’m thinking about those things a
lot-about the natural landscape of the world and the landscape inside each
person… On my last record, everything was sort of sad and redemptive. And this
one, it’s more extreme in both directions. Some of the songs are much more
joyful and some of the songs are much less redemptive. And then some of the
songs are more thoughtful-more philosophical. I think this record is just about
sitting with things.”



Back to the EP, according to the label, “The environmentally
conscious title track, ‘Another World,’ describes a place that is dissapearing.
inimitable voice, mesmerizing piano and intimate arrangements punctuate the
ideas on the EP. ‘Shake that Devil’ showcases his bluesy wail and its drone is
soon replaced with a driving vintage R&B beat that illustrates the lyrics’



The EP’s cover is a portrait of butoh co-founder and
Japanese dance legend Kazuo Ohno taken by Pierre-Olivier Deschamps in 1984 at
Paris Theatre du Chatelet. Ohno is known for his playful and grotesque imagery
and butoh’s white body makeup.



Another World Tracklist

1. Another World
2. Crackagen
3. Shake That Devil
4. Sing For Me
5. Hope Mountain



Antony and the Johnsons Tour Dates:

Schnitzer Concert Hall
                       Portland, OR
10/14            Walt
Disney Concert Hall
                       Los Angeles, CA
10/16            Apollo Theatre
                                               New York, NY
10/30   The Barbican
                                               London, ENG
10/31   The Barbican
                                               London, ENG



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