Amy Winehouse Rehab/Winezilla Video Games


Snorting up, banging
the mainline, tossing back pints – all in a day’s work for a diligent gamer.

By Fred Mills


Now THAT is entertainment – twice, in fact.


The British media has been reporting on the various online
video games involving Amy Winehouse – “all the rave,” uttered one smitten
pundit. And indeed, if you want to waste an hour or so, they’re jolly good fun.
Especially if you’re drunk…




For example, there’s Escape
From Rehab
, which is described thusly:


“Disaster strikes as the entire city is in ruin – including the
rehab clinic where Amy Winehouse is residing. She’s drunk, she’s drugged up,
and she’s in heat! Help her escape as you use your wits, your drugs and your
beehive to battle against insane enemies and rescue Blake from jail. Get ready
for some drug-filled prison love.”


Go to: Escape From Rehab and follow the onscreen
instructions. What the fuck is The Incredible Hulk doing in there? Does Marvel
Comics know about this?!?




Then there’s Winezilla!
Attack of the 100 Ft. Amy.
It’s a bit more simplistic (but therefore easier
to navigate if you’re plastered…), but oddly a bit more satisfying aim that
mouse and fire bombs at the paparazzi from Amy’s cig, or simply jump on them
and stomp ‘em into a bloody pulp. But watch out – you’ll go “back to rehab” if
you don’t shoot down all those media blimps!


Go to: Winezilla. (Is that “Star Wars” theme music they’re
using in the background?) And don’t forget the booze!




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