American Idol Topping BLURT Poll!


Not that there’s
anything wrong with that…

By Fred Mills


It’s looking to be a runaway rout, folks: in our latest
BLURT reader’s poll, the American Idol tour ensemble is a clear favorite. Or anti-favorite, in this instance. We asked



You’ve been booted off
the Jam Cruise liner for being too fucked up and have washed up on a desert
island. Who would you most NOT want to be stuck there with?



Your choices included the AmIdols, who are currently
leading the pack at 36%. The other stats, as of this writing, are: beloved
singer-songwriter Dave Matthews (11%), dub reggae loon Lee Scratch Perry (4%),
U2 vocalist/world savior Bono (11%), potty mouthed pop diva Katy Perry (2%), “that dude from
Buckcherry” (5%), alt-country legend/Courtney Love pal Ryan Adams (7%),
professional crackhead Amy Winehouse (coming in a distant second at 18%), the
Sex Pistols’ ever-charming John Lydon (4% – if we’d called him Johnny Rotten
probably more of you kids would have picked him, right?), and those girlicious
Pussycat Dolls (4% – now, c’mon, admittedly, you’d like to START being stranded
on the island WITH them, but after you’ve “finished your business” wouldn’t you
want some serious peace and quiet for yourself?).


Never fear: there’s still time to cast your ballots.
Comments are welcome too. Just go to the Blurt Poll on the lower right side of
the homepage and follow the instructions. What do you win? Why, the chance to
take part in our next poll, of course!


[Contest not
open to the employees and relatives of employees of the Blurt Corporation LLC.
Void where prohibited by law. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate.

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