808 State For 08/08/08!



Now that is one goddam
lucky-sounding collection of reissues…

By Blurt Staff



Today’s date? 08/08/08, and in either a master stroke of
marketing synchronicity of just sheer, dumb coincidence, word just arrived that
acid house/electronica pioneers 808 State have plans to reissue four of their
classic albums as expanded remasters, all due Oct. 6 from ZTT. As a
pre-celebration gig, the band will play live at Bestival, Isle
of Wight on Sept. 6.



Read on for the official press release…



808 State: ‘808:90’, 2xCD Deluxe Edition (ZTT

808 State: ‘ex:el’, 2xCD Deluxe Edition (ZTT

808 State: ‘Gorgeous’, 2xCD Deluxe Edition (ZTT

808 State: ‘Don Solaris’, 2xCD Deluxe Edition (ZTT



The date of this press release is no coincidence! On
8.08.08, ZTT announces four deluxe reissues from one of the UK’s most important electronic
outfits – 808 State – celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary, the 20th
anniversary of acid house, and the 25th anniversary of ZTT itself.



Formed in Manchester in 1988,
808 State – Andrew Barker, Graham Massey and Darren Partington (and, for the
first two albums, Martin Price) – were heralded as ‘the UK’s answer to Kraftwerk’ and
developed a sound and style that dominated, developed and defined electronic
music throughout the 90s.



ZTT Records is proud to reissue all four classic 808 State
albums, each coming with an extra disc of rare and previously-unreleased tracks
and remixes put together by Graham Massey himself, and with a booklet
comprising extensive sleeve notes and rare photos.



1989’s 808:90 includes the top ten hit Pacific, which launched the band’s career and eight
bonus tracks including special takes from the band’s first arena gig at
Manchester G-MEX. 1991’s EX:EL includes the top ten hits Cubik, In Yer Face, Olympic as well as collabs with
Bernard Sumner (New Order) and Bjork.



1993’s Gorgeous includes the band’s biggest ever hit – One In Ten (as 808 State Vs. UB40), the
Joy Division mash-up Contrique and guest vocals from Ian McCulloch. Finally
1996’s Don Solaris includes the top
20 hit Lopez (feat. James Dean Bradfield), guest vocals from Lou Rhodes and a
rare Brian Eno remix.




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