Who’s Who? Vids! Foos, Lips, Pearl Jam


Foo Fighters, PJ,
Flaming  Lips and the ‘oo themselves
sweatin’ to the oldies.

By Fred Mills


Shameless Fanboy
Gushing Dept.:
Okay, we’ll admit it: we turn to little babies when you
mention the words “The Who” in our presence. Something about those formative
teenage (wasteland) experiences… Anyway, while the recent “VH1 Rock Honors”
broadcast paying tribute to The Who was a mixed bag — anytime you get a bunch
of disparate performers together for a concert or album paying tribute to some
elder statesman, it’s guaranteed to have its dubious moments — when it was good, it was pretty amazing.


To wit: Foo Fighters baring fangs with Live At Leeds’ “Young Man Blues,” Pearl Jam blazing through Quadrophenia’s “The Real Me,” The
Flaming Lips’ hilarious, reverent and utterly cool Tommy medley (check Wayne’s “mic twirls” and Michael’s skeleton
costume), and The ‘oo’s own peerless version of “Baba O’Riley,” from Who’s Next. VH1 has all the songs from
the program posted online now HERE.



Meanwhile, if ya wanna check out the aforementioned
BLURT-approved faves by themselves, we got ‘em for ya below…



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