Video Exclusive: N.C.'s Benji Hughes



Tarheel indie-popster
debuts with
A Love Extreme today and
we got a vid to go with it.

By Fred Mills


With his New West Records debut album A Love Extreme — a whopping two-CD, 25-songer at that — in stores
today, North Carolina’s Benji Hughes picks up where he left off with his ‘90s
band Muscadine. A cross between Beck, Brian Wilson, Rufus Wainwright and the
Flaming Lips, Hughes would be called a wunderkind if he weren’t already an industry veteran. So we’ll just call him a musical
wonder, period.


We have a review of the album HERE.



But don’t take our word on him – check out the exclusive
video we have for his quirkysexycool song “The Mummy” HERE.




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