Video Clips: Hold Steady on Letterman



Bonus beats: the Andy
Kindler skit too!

By Fred Mills


You got that Hold Steady album yet, pal? Ready for a
ten-of-ten stars review comin’ atcha in the July-August digital issue of BLURT?
Read our ten-of-ten stars concert review of the band performing in Baltimore recently? Yeah,
we know you did/are/did.



But did ya catch the band on Letterman the other night? On
Wednesday night, the Hold Steady not only performed lead single “Sequestered
in Memphis”
the band also appeared in a special comedy sketch that ran before the Top 10
list. Comedian Andy Kindler traveled with the band and helped Dave introduce the
“Andy Kindler Hangs With The Hold Steady” piece.



Check out “Sequestered” – now THIS is as pure as rock ‘n’
roll gets. After that you can dig the Kindler skit…




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