Tom Waits For Live NPR B-cast Tues. 29th


Recorded live in Atlanta on July 5, all 2 ½
hours’ worth.

By Fred Mills


On July 5 Tom Waits, knee-deep in his “Glitter and Doom”
tour, played Atlanta’s
Fox Theater for 2/12 hours. In a report filed by NPR Music it was a “stunning
and epic” performance that included songs Waits indicated he’d never played
live before, with his crack backing band — Seth Ford-Young (upright bass),
Patrick Warren (keyboards), Omar Torrez (guitars), Vincent Henry (woodwinds),
and son Casey Waits (drums and percussion) — firing on all cylinders.



 “They play with
racecar precision and they are all true conjurers,” Waits told NPR.
“They are all multi-instrumentalists and they polka like real men.”



So Waits is over in Europe at the moment wrapping up the
tour, but you can take a listen to the Atlanta
show starting tomorrow (July 29) at the Music website. It’ll be
available as both a stream and a broadcast as part of the web portal’s “Live In
Concert” series.


Here’s the setlist, so get those browsers fine-tuned and


“Lucinda / Ain’t Going Down to the Well”

“Down in the Hole”

“Falling Down”

“Chocolate Jesus”

“All the World Is Green”

“Cemetery Polka”

“Cause of It All”

“Till the Money Runs Out”

“Such a Scream”


“Hold On”

“Black Market Baby”

“9th and Hennepin”

“Lie to Me”

“Lucky Day”

“On the Nickel”

“Lost in the Harbor”

“Innocent When You Dream”

“Hoist That Rag”

“Make It Rain”

“Dirt in the Ground”

“Get Behind the Mule”

“Hang Down Your Head”

“Jesus Gonna Be Here”



“Eyeball Kid”

“Anywhere I Lay My Head”


[Photo Credit: Bob Butler, copyright 2008 NPR]

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