Todd Snider Comes Out As Peace Queer


Nashville nabob of non-negativity flips the bird at

By Blurt Staff


Whattaya get when you cross a smart-mouthed, literate
singer-songwriter with the current social and political climate? Why, a new
Todd Snider album, of course! Peace Queer,
due out August 19, is, in Snider’s words, “a record of brevity, humor and
hope.” It’s the followup to 2006’s The
Devil You Know
, which wasn’t exactly short on brevity and humor and hope


The overtly political Peace
takes a bit of a left turn for the outspoken Snider, beginning with
the cover photo, which depicts Snider being held at gunpoint by a shirtless
hippie. “Clearly, anyone who looks at the photograph can tell that I had
been abducted by an international league of peace queers and forced to write
protest music. You know, for their cause,” says Snider.


The eight tracks on Peace
include a Civil War sea shanty, a cover of CCR classic
“Fortunate Son,” a spoken-word number, a rocket-fueled meditation on
contemporary culture (“Stuck On The Corner”), and a Fred Sanford-ish
funeral dirge. The emotional centerpiece of the album is the wistful
“Ponce Of The Flaming Peace Queer.”


Peace Queer is a six-song cycle, starting with a song called ‘Mission Accomplished’,”
Snider explains. “In six sentences, the record goes like this: Here’s the
kid being told everything’s going to be great. Here’s the reality of that.
Here’s that kid when he comes home a sad and banged-up and angry winner. Here’s
the breakdown of why I think that’s happening. Here’s the guy in our culture
that I think is causing that to happen, and it’s not a president. And then
here’s what I think is going to happen to that guy. And then we roll


On Peace Queer,
those credits include Patty Griffin, Kevn Kinney, Don Heron, Doug Lancio, Will
Kimbrough and others.


“Things happen in this album besides you being told
that war is wrong, with a beat,” Snider says. “I don’t know that war
is wrong. I just know that I’m a peace queer, and I’m totally into it when
people aren’t fighting, in my home, at the bar where I hang out, or in a field
a million miles away.”



Track Listing:


1. Mission
Accomplished (because you gotta have

2. The Ballad of Cape Henry

3. Fortunate Son

4. Is This Thing Working?

5. Stuck On The Corner (prelude to a heart attack)

6. Dividing The Estate (a heart attack)

7. Ponce
of The Flaming Peace Queer

8. Is This Thing



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