Still Tooling For Anus: Meatmen DVD Due




And crippled children
still suck, too… we know, ‘cos Tesco Vee sez so!

By Fred Mills


Just when you thought it was safe to go to the DVD store….


Word arrives that a 120-minute Meatmen DVD is due to drop on
Sept. 9 from MVD Video. Titled The Devil’s In The Detail Volume 1, it’s a 90-minute, 3-decade spanning
overview of Tesco Vee & Co., one of the leanest, meanest, punk rock meat
machines ever to terrorize the clubs.




Here’s the scoop:



romp through the last 30 years of Meatdom traces the origins of the most
bombastic, purely sophomoric punk band of pranksters ever to pounce on an
unsuspecting public. Tesco Vee, drum major in the squadron of doom, leads the
manic maelstrom of hate-filled fun and frolic with live footage from 1979-2007,
Tesco on TV, and more mindless moronic mayhem than shouldn’t be allowed by law.
Punk archivist Dirk Boinker has spent the last 2 years pouring over tapes,
splicing, repairing and mentally masturbating his way to this… the
sinsational final product! The only DVD officially endorsed by Satan.



Hey, we are all about splicing, repairing and mentally
masturbating. Hail Satan! The track listing is below, and there will be a slew
of bonus material as well in the way of the group’s original videos for
Centurions of Rome, Hotrails to Hell, Crippled Children Suck, Men Meat and
Fire, Pope On A Rope, Tooling For Anus, Camel Jockeys Suck, Stella, and I Want



Yeah, we want drugs too….



Track Listing:


  • Real Men Hang Right
  • Shit Called Love
  • I’m Glad I’m Not A Girl
  • Alcohol
  • Pillar of Sodom
  • Gods Bullies
  • Meatmen Stomp
  • Big Giant Cock
  • Abba, God and Me
  • Die Foriegn Scum
  • War of the Super Bikes
  • I’ve Got A Problem
  • Mr. Tape Worm
  • Tesco’s Tender Love Ballad
  • The Suck Trilogy
  • Lesbian Death Dirge


Upcoming Meatmen shows:


August 21 The Khyber in Philly w/ YDI

August 22 Europa in Brooklyn NY

August 23 The Middle East Cambridge Mass w/ The Queers, Unatural Axe



Credit: Frank Dolce]


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