Shudder To Think Comes Alive!


Legendary D.C. band gets together
(smile on your brother) after decade-long break.

By Fred Mills


They said it couldn’t happen. They said it WOULDN’T happen. Hell, some even
said they weren’t sure if they even cared if it happened. But not BLURT, pal: Shudder
To Think have officially reunited for the first time since 1998 for a rare
10-city trek across North America, and we’re
tingling. Speaking as one who saw the band perform a couple of times in the
early/mid ‘90s, I can testify that even if STT has only one-half its old mojo
working, that’ll be ten times more than most indie bands from that era who’ve
played the reunion card of late.


Explained frontman Craig Wedren, in a press release, “Our music is
continuing to seep out, like syrup from a tree or the remains of a sweet,
sticky picnic. Every day, new people – many too young to have caught us during
the first go-round – are contacting us after discovering our music. I’m constantly
meeting people who feel the same way about our music that we do, and it makes
me feel indescribably good. This tour is our way of saying ‘thank you.’”


Vocalist Wedren, guitarist Nathan Larson, drummer Kevin March and supporting
musicians Mark Watrous (Gosling) on guitar and bassist Jesse Krakow (Time of
Orchids) will comprise the remade/remodeled STT. The drummer from 1994’s Pony Express Record, Adam Wade, will be
on hand for West Coast dates, but original bassist Stuart Hill will not be part
of the reunion.


“We’re gonna get up and play the old shit for ya,” said Larson. “If anybody
can send me guitar tabs for the Pony
material, I’d greatly appreciate it.”


Well, Nathan, that’s why God created the Internet, now, isn’t it?


After forming in ’86,  Shudder To
Think enjoyed a decade-plus run, issuing records on indies Sammich and Dischord
before making the leap to the majors with the Epic-released Pony Express Record. After a second Epic
album, however, the group gradually moved into soundtrack work, lost focus, and
split up. Or went on hiatus. Or simply took a vacation, depending on who’s
telling the tale.


“We pressed the pause button when we stopped playing in ‘98 or 2000, or
whenever that was,” said Wedren. “It never felt like a full stop. I’ve always
felt my finger hovering near the button. The band recently wound up performing
together again by happenstance, and the music felt so alive and still fresh ‘bleeding-bloody-heart-stuff’
without the ego, animosity and frustration. It was clear we never actually
really left the middle of our creation. We simply needed an extended breather.”


A “breather” it was, then. Welcome back gents.


Shudder to Think Tour Dates:

8-10 Baltimore, MD – Virgin Mobile Festival
9-05 Chicago, IL – Park West
9-06 Toronto, Ontario – Virgin Festival
10-03 Philadelphia, PA – Theater of the Living Arts
10-04 New York, NY – Webster Hall
10-11 Boston, MA – Paradise
10-25 New Orleans, LA – Voodoo Music Festival
11-01 Los Angeles, CA – El Rey
11-02 San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore

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