Russell Simmons Throws Charity Bash


No, that is not
Russell Simmons pictured above.

By Fred Mills



Sigh. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: sometimes
these news items just write themselves.


If you’re a BLURT reader, you know that we get deluged by
press releases every day, right? Some we save, some we cull info from in order
to create brilliant copy for our website, some we shamelessly copy verbatim
because we’re too bored, tired or drunk to rewrite ‘em ourselves, some we
delete immediately, and some we, uh, stare at for awhile and THEN delete.


So we’ve been getting daily email blasts about this upcoming
Art For Life benefit being hosted by hip-hop/media mogul Russell Simmons this
Saturday. Definitely a charity worth supporting, yo.


It’ll be held at Russell’s East Hampton estate, and in conjunction
with, Art for Life is auctioning off celebrity experiences like
a birthday gift from John Legend in the form of singing Happy Birthday, a trip
to the Vatican, tickets to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, two tickets to
meet Tyra Banks at a taping of her talk show and receive a personal
mini-catwalk lesson by Tyra Banks herself, a date to check out a NYC sporting
event at Madison Square Garden with model Petra Nemcova, a personal training
session with Olympic gold medalist and 2008 Wimbledon finalist Serena Williams
and many others.


Where’s our corporate checkbook!


Anyhow, today’s email blast (the second of the day,
actually, but we deleted that one) included the above photo, plus this helpful
text. Seriously, this is the kind of email BLURT gets. Yes, we know you are


Now we KNOW we gotta find that checkbook, fire up the Hummer
and head to the Hamptons.
Well, right after we finish meditating and relaxing of course. See ya there!



Playmate Destiny Davis
( has a dilemma. “I want to learn to meditate and
relax,” she says. So who does she turn to but her “favorite celebrity
couple,” Russell Simmons and Porschla Coleman. Russell and Porschla may
not be making love anymore but they sure are still doing yoga! So Destiny is
plopping down $2500 to bid on a yoga lesson with Porschla and Russell in
Russell’s NYC apartment as part of this year’s Rush Philanthropic’s Art for
Life benefit event this Saturday, July 19 at Russell’s East Hampton estate. Can
you just see Destiny in downward dog now?



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