Rosebuds Return in Oct. w/ “Life Like”


Described as a “return
to more acoustic territory” for the duo.

By Fred Mills

NC, popsters the Rosebuds have
pencilled in an October release date for their latest Merge Records album,
titled Life Like. Described by the
band — guitarist/vocalist Ivan Howard and keyboardist Kelly Crisp — as a
“return to more acoustic territory” (compared to 2007’s dancey/synth-y Night of the Furies), it was recorded on
4-track at the duo’s home with some friends pitching in: Portastatic’s Matthew
McCaughan, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Ashley Stove’s Jim Brantley.


According to Merge, Howard and Crisp initially began “by
making demos and sketches of songs to entertain themselves, mostly by 4-track,
and then, realizing they had a complete record’s worth of songs, decided to
finish the tracks, keeping most of that early recorded material intact…. The
Rosebuds defy categorization with each new release, like creatures in a myth
shifting shape to avoid capture or slippery catfish in a North Carolina river. Mention The Smiths and
Ivan will turn his Morrissey croon into a gruff Greg Dulli growl or splash it
against some reverb-laden surf guitar. Call them Southern Gothic and they’ll
release a dance record.”


Crisp, the label adds, says that the earlier Furies turned out the way it did perhaps
because “they needed to exorcise the anger and disillusion caused by a hard
year of terrifying storms, and endless frustration over an ineffectual
political state (that provided the need for the Furies metaphor in their songs).”
Now, however, they’ve “moved on to  
explore stories more closely related to their everyday life.”

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