“Radio Silence” Book on Hardcore En Route




kids stoked on volume, velocity and punk-fueled vigor.

By Fred


Radio Silence A Selected
Visual History of American Hardcore Music
is a forthcoming book from MTV Press documenting, via striking visuals,
the rise of hardcore. Remember that? No, this ain’t some quaint nostalgia trip
as most so-called revivals tend to pan out.


Rather, the 224-page book,
according to the publisher, “documents an era when musicians and fans booked
shows, photographed bands, started record labels, designed album covers and
published zines themselves… Over 500 images of rare records, t-shirts,
fanzines, illustrations and photographs of Black Flag, Big Boys, Rites of Spring, Agnostic Front, the groundbreaking
fanzine Ulysses Speaks and much


Authors Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo get assists from Dave Smalley, Jeff Nelson of Minor
and photographer Mark
Owens, and the whole deal carries a distinctive whiff of you-are-there. Maybe
some of you actually WERE there. (Remember when Rollins came out with his long
hair just to piss everybody off?) Revisit it on Oct. 7. And you can check out the official website too.

“I mean.. we get shit from the local idiots just because we’re putting
out a record, can you believe that?”
letter from Kevin Seconds to Ian Mackaye

Hardcore was a reaction to punk…we made it faster, tougher, harder
and better and changed it, morphed it made it unique and
Smalley, DYS, Dag Nasty



[Bad Brains at Viceroy Park,
1-16-82 photo credit:
Rusty Moore, Loud
Fast Photo — check his website at www.loudfastphoto.com]



let’s take a look at a Minor Threat live video of “In My Eyes,” shall we?





if you hang out at YouTube searching for MT videos you can come across some pretty
funny debates and flamewars
between a bunch of dumbasses debating punk,
hardcore, and whether Minor Threat was better than Rage Against the Machine!









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