Pistols’ Lydon In Bloc Party Racist Assault?


Does Mr. Rotton mean
it, maaan?

By Fred Mills


Britain’s Guardian is
that a fracas involving the Sex Pistols’ John Lydon, Bloc Party
singer Kele Okereke and members of the Foals and Kaiser Chiefs (who intervened
to help Okereke) resulted in “severe facial bruising and a split lip” for
Okereke and accusations of “racist” behavior on Lydon’s part. The incident took
place at Barcelona’s
Summercase festival Saturday night.



Accounts of what happened are somewhat vague, but Okereke,
in a statement, indicated that he spoke to Lydon backstage and queried him
about whether or not PIL would ever get back together. Lydon, according to
Okereke, inexplicably became “intimidating and aggressive while his
entourage responded with a racist tirade, including the statement, ‘your
problem is your black attitude’.” A scuffle ensued and one observer told reporters
that Lydon and his posse acted like “a gang of racist thugs.”



Okereke added in his statement, “It’s not an issue of
the physical assault, even though it was an unprovoked attack. It is the fact
that race was brought into the matter so readily. Someone as respected and as
intelligent as Lydon should know better than to bring race into the equation,
or socialise with and encourage those who hold such narrow-minded attitudes. I
am disappointed that someone I held with such high regard turns out to be such a


After a couple of days’ delay, Lydon issued his own statement, saying,
“We are in the middle of a wonderful tour. After 30 years we are achieving
a true unity in our audience. They are multi-varied, all ages, all races,
creeds and colours. When you are at a festival with bands who are jealous
fools, lies and confusion usually follow. After the show John Rotten and
management remained behind to sign autographs … for four solid hours without
incident and had a great time talking to other Spanish bands. This seems to
have sparked jealousy in certain bands.


“The trouble was brought to us, resulting in those causing the trouble
being physically removed by festival security. Grow up and learn to be a true
man. When you have achieved as much as I have, come back and talk to me. It’s a
shame the wonderful world of the media is riddled with nonsense like


Wow, you don’t think alcohol was involved in any way, do


Lydon, of course, is married to Nora Foster, the mother of the Slits’ Ari Up, and the pair raised Ari’s two children — who are black.



Stay tuned for details as they develop.

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