Old Crow Medicine Show Album, Tour


“The Clash of
bluegrass music
an American Band –
even more so than Grand Funk Railroad!” — producer Don Was.

By Fred Mills


Twangin’ Americana merchants Old Crow Medicine Show have
just announced the impending release of Tennessee
, due to drop Sept. 23 on Nettwerk. It’s produced by none other than
Don Was (of Was Not Was, also producer for Dylan, the Stones, Bonnie Raitt and
scores more), and is described by the label along lines of “13 infectious
tracks that offer a virtual American road trip, populated with characters that
seem to span a century of the South. Down and outers, hustlers, freighthoppers
– these are just a few of the archetypes we meet along the way. OCMS continues
to create their special blend of American roots, rock, blues and country, but
on the new album the band has truly found their own voice.”


The album comprises a dozen
originals plus a cover of “Always Lift Him Up” by Blind Alfred Reed, and it
also features a pair of stellar guests: drummer Jim Keltner and keyboardist
Benmont Tench. Tennessee Pusher is
preceded by a digital EP on July 29 titled Caroline; both the title
track and “Next Go ‘Round” are from the full-length album.  The EP also
includes an exclusive bonus track called “Back To New Orleans.”


 Don Was sang the band’s praises in a statement:  “People ask me what The Old Crow Medicine Show
are all about. If I’m in a hurry, I just say that they’re The
Clash of bluegrass music, but that doesn’t really do anyone any justice. I
could tell ‘em that they’re a rock ‘n roll band who use fiddles and acoustic
guitars instead of Les Pauls and Marshal stacks, but that’s only one small
part of the story. They’re an American Band – even more so than Grand Funk
Railroad! In fact, it’s not hyperbolic to say that, as musicians, songwriters
and singers, they are the smartest and finest purveyors of American music to
come down the pike in decades.”



Track listing:


1. Alabama

2. Highway Halo    

3. The Greatest Hustler of All  

4. Methamphetamine      

5. Next Go ‘Round

6. Humdinger 

7. Motel in Memphis         

8. Evening Sun

9. Mary’s

10. Crazy Eyes

11. Tennessee

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