New Pretenders LP En Route


Ninth album, first in
six years, all new band backing Hynde.

Fred Mills


name is the Pretenders and the game is Break
Up The Concrete
— the title of their new album, due September 23 from
Shangri-La Music.


before you get all crazy thinking the band has hooked up with one of BLURT’s
fave indies, the Memphis-based Shangri-La Records — THIS Shangri-La is an
entirely different one, the mainstream pop label that has the Duke Spirit,
Neimo and Trevor Menear (who?) on its roster. Ahem. Decorum prevents us from
commenting too sharply here, but perhaps the new label should have considered a
different name out of respect and good taste. The Memphis Shangri-La has been
around for ages.


in a press release this morning, we were advised that the ninth Pretenders
album, the band’s first in six hears, “has band leader Chrissie Hynde collaborating
with a new group of musicians. Recorded in 10 day the result is a stripped down roots album, pure and raw, which
highlights Hynde’s timeless vocal sound. Classic leads by guitarist James
Walbourne, the twang of pedal steel from Eric Heywood, and backed by a concrete
foundation laid by the rhythm section of bassist Nick Wilkinson and legendary
drummer Jim Keltner, this band allows Hynde to show off her best vocal work and
songwriting since the early days of The Pretenders.”


good so far. Plans are also afoot for a massive MP3 marketing campaign:
initiall, this song “Boots of Chinese Plastic” will be available via, with subsequent offerings to be found at Apple QuickTime’s site,,, iLike, iMeem,, MSN Windows
Media, Vh1 Classic, Yahoo and CBS Radio Online.


will be able to find where the next free MP3 will be available by going to


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