Morning Benders Offer Free Covers Album


Orbison, Velvets,
Cardigans, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac… and more.

By Fred Mills


In a burst of energy and inspiration, Berkeley’s Morning Benders took their week
off between touring with the Kooks and We Are Scientists, went into the studio
and knocked out an album’s worth of cover songs. Tackled during the recording
session were the likes of Roy Orbison, the Ronettes, Velvet Underground, Cardigans,
the Smiths, Randy Newman and Talking Heads — now THAT is a broad palette of
musical influences.



But wait, there’s more: having already let some of the
tracks out various blogs, they’ve now posted all of the material to their own blog
and made it available as a free download. Go to the Morning Benders blog to nab
what they’re calling The Bedroom Covers.



Coming next for the band are festival dates and a tour with
Ra Ra Riot. Those dates are listed below.


The Bedroom Covers Track Listing:


1. Crying – Roy Orbison
2. Mother And Child Reunion – Paul Simon
3. Why Dont They Let Us Fall In Love? – The Ronettes
4. Lovefool – The Cardigans
5. I Won’t Share You – The Smiths
6. He’s A Rebel – The Crystals
7. Marie – Randy Newman
8. Fools Rush In – Johnny Mercer/Rube Bloom
9. Temptation Inside Your Heart – Velvet Underground
10. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
11. Pull Up The Roots – Talking Heads
12. Caroline, No-
Beach Boys Remix (Bonus
12. 5 Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love? – The Ronettes (Live Daytrotter



Morning Benders Tour


Aug 7 2008     8:00P

            El Rey
Theatre            L.A., California

Sep 13 2008    1:45P

            MONOLITH @
RED ROCKS!!       Morrison, Colorado

Sep 21 2008    12:00P

ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL (hell yeahhhhhh)         SAN FRANCISCO BAY, California

Sep 28 2008    8:00P

            The Casbah
(w/ Ra Ra Riot!!)            San Diego, California

Sep 29 2008    7:00P

(w/ Ra Ra Riot)      Phoenix, Arizona

Sep 30 2008    7:00P

            Plush (w/
Ra Ra Riot!@! yea!@)       Tucson, Arizona

Oct 3 2008      7:00P

            Stubb’s (w/
Ra Ra Riot)         Austin, Texas

Oct 4 2008      7:00P

(w/ Ra Ra Riot)      Houston, Texas

Oct 7 2008      7:00P

            The Social
(w/ Ra Ra Riot)     Orlando, Florida

Oct 8 2008      7:00P

Downunder (w/ Ra Ra Riot)      Tallahassee, Florida

Oct 10 2008    7:00P

UNICORN (w/ Ra Ra Riot!@$)     AtlantA, Georgia

Oct 11 2008    7:00P

            Local 506
(w/ Ra Ra Riot)      Raleigh, North Carolina

Oct 12 2008    7:00P

            Black Cat
(w/ Ra Ra Riot)      washington
DC yo, Washington

Oct 14 2008    7:00P

            Ottobar (w/
Ra Ra Riot)         Baltimore, Maryland

Oct 15 2008    7:00P

Brenda’s (w/ Ra Ra Riot)       PHILLY, Pennsylvania

Oct 18 2008    7:00P

            Middle East
Downstairs (w/ Ra Ra Riot)       Boston, Massachusetts

Oct 28 2008    1:00P

            UCSB             Santa Barbara, California


[Photo Credit: Timothy Norris]

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