Montreal’s Land of Talk For Saddle Creek


From Omaha
to Montreal,
with love, and back again…

By Blurt Staff


The ever-hip, uber-tasteful Saddle Creek label has announced
the signing of Montreal trio Land of
Talk in the United States
and are set to release their debut full-length, Some Are Lakes on October 7. The album was recorded in Montreal with Justin Vernon
(Bon Iver) and is the followup to the much-loved and critically-drooled-over 2006
EP, Applause Cheer Boo Hiss.


The band is fronted by vocalist/guitarist Elizabeth Powell
(described by one critic as having “a voice that flits between come-hither and
go-fuck-yourself” — hey, we are all about go-fuck-yourself voices!). She’s
joined by bassist Chris McCarron and drummer Andrew Barr (from The Slip). They
toured throughout much of 2006-07 with the likes of the Decemberists and Tapes
n’ Tapes – expect more of the same around the time of the album’s release.



Track Listing:


1. Yuppy Flu

2. Death By Fire

3. The Man Who Breaks Things (Dark Shuffle)

4. Some Are Lakes

5. Give Me Back My Heart Attack

6. It’s Okay

7. Young

8. Corner Phone

9. Got A Call

10. Troubled



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