Mark McGrath Chucks TV Career for Crap Band








By A.D. Amorosi


One would think that on the morning that Tom Waits’ “Glitter
& Doom” tour’d be broadcast for free across America, all would be right with
the world. But an axis shifted and a world crumbled when I got AP Wire news
that Mark McGrath – the square-headed but cute Irish-y dude from Sugar Ray who
got a second career by hosting my favorite show after I Survived a Japanese Game Show – the celeb-driven EXTRA – would
be leaving television so to return to his band.



This couldn’t be. I had just started getting used to his
tip-tinted spiked hair, his vests and wide ties, his video competitions with
plastic co-host Dayna Devon. He was the dumbo lothario always sniffing after
tail (he really spoke with emotion when he got to the ladies of The View) and
seemed to have a soft spot when saying the magical words “Girls” ”Next” and  Door”.
Besides, why leave the forever-massive syndicated media world for the crumbling
music biz – reforming and touring as Sugar Ray has and nailing a deal with
Pulse/Fontana/Universal for a new record. More “Mr. Bartender” maybe?



We should’ve known things were weird when Sugar Ray did the
season 3 finale of American Dad,
playing “Fly” at a Spring Break party. Or that getting close to the
Pussycat Dolls as he did as of Pussycat
Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll
and Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious would make him groupie crazy. I’m even
betting those margarine ads he started doing (no I don’t know the brand)
greased the wheels.


It’s a sorry day.



Mario Lopez – the gentleman who appeared in a Beach Boys
video playing congas… wait that’s not Lopez. Who is this guy then? – will be
the new EXTRA host.  Never say replace.
Nothing compares to McGrath.





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