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By Blurt Staff


As you cruise into your weekend and get ready to hit some
live shows, you can check out some of the ones you missed at the Blurt Concert
Reviews Vault. This week we posted details of:


·         *George Clinton’s Birthday Bash in L.A. on July 22: “Clinton
and friends turned this mutha out,” writes Jose Martinez. “As we
shouted “we want the funk” the night brought one nation under a funky groove.”


·         *The Foo Fighters in Kansas City July 19:
Observes Crystal Wiebe, “[The Foos are] bona fide rock stars [who] draw all
kinds of music fans to their performances – from the creatures of rock who
spend every night staring up at some stage to the casual fans who blow their
wad once or twice a year on a big name concert, which becomes as much of an
excuse to get rowdy as to enjoy live music.”


·         *Elf Power in Washington, DC
July 10: “Elf Power has stuck around in the land of men, bringing spacey,
sometimes-hard-hitting, sometimes-haunting tunes to fans everywhere,” enthuses
Roxana Hadadi.


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