Joe Cocker Deciphered!


We’re still getting by
with a little help from our friends.

By Fred Mills


You know, it seems like just yesterday when we were at
Woodstock, flying at 180mph on “the rainbow” (if you know what I mean — we
wisely avoided “the brown”), helping Hendrix restring his Strat (unfortunately
we set it for right-handed player, hence his delay in getting started), and
balling our brains out under the stage with nubile earth mamas. But dangit, we
missed Joe Cocker’s career-making set! WTF!?!


Luckily, some wiseacre has posted Cocker’s classic Woodstock
anthem “With A Little Help From My Friends” to YouTube, helpfully adding
subtitles for those of us who have trouble sometimes with thick British
accents. Enjoy!




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