Good Night Bush: You Need This Book


How much would YOU pay
to be freed from the Evil Empire?

By Fred Mills


While we at BLURT try to steer clear of politics, feeling
like music as an artform shouldn’t be soiled by such common denominator
dribblings as… aw, fuck it. I can’t write that with a straight face. Of COURSE
we are into politics — what the hell do you think our final issue of HARP mag,
the one with Dave Grohl For President on the cover, was all about?!? Or my
personal eulogy for the Darth Vader of politics, Jesse Helms, who finally
kicked the bucket, after much anticipation, on July 4?



So yeah, without further adoo about nothin’ — Good Night Bush. A picture (above) may
be worth a thousand words, but an entire book with pictures forecasting the end
of the Bush Administration’s Reign of Cultural and Political Terror is worth a
million bucks.



Go to the Good Night
. No explanation needed here. We guarantee you’ll dig it, or
our name ain’t BLURT.

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