Flaming Lip “Christmas” Film Trailer(s)!


In the works since, like, 10,000 B.C.!

By Blurt Staff


With the long awaited, much-delayed Flaming Lips’ Christmas On Mars film already creating a festival buzz — literally
as it premiered at Sasquatch! — word arrives that it will be released on DVD in
October by Warner Bros., with a soundtrack CD also hitting stores.


90 minutes long, it’s described by the Lips cam as being “set in outer space
on the surface of Mars. The double failures of a clunky old oxygen generator
and an exotic but finicky gravity control pod have conspired to weaken the
resolve and psychological judgment of the crew and the film’s protagonist Major
Syrtis. This means he has horrific hallucinations that are centered around the
artificial birth of the Christmas baby. An alien super-being arrives and with
his otherworldly powers fixes the oxygen generator but it’s the station’s
genius mechanic who fixes the gravity problem.”


So over at Pitchfork they’ve got the official trailer for it, and you can
view it below. Meanwhile, there’s that other,
earlier trailer still making the YouTube rounds, and you can also view it
below, after the new one.



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