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Bigelf has been rocking Europe
for a decade and they just barely started getting a foothold in the States with
last year’s Hex (on Linda Perry’s Custard label)–despite being
something of a local legend in L.A. One might speculate that the
quartet’s seamless tapestry of Floydian space rock, Beatles melodies and
stonernaut muscle was too esoteric—or, say, good—to do anything more
than confuse label execs and the Nickelback Appreciation Society (Wassup,
Lefsetz? That band blows chimps from any serious perspective and you know
it) but that’d just invoke an complaint that can’t fade into obsolescence fast
enough. Fact is, there’s just so much good stuff out there trying to punch a
hole in the fabric of our speakers that sometimes shit gets lost. Thank Pazuzu
or Quetzalcoatl or whatever winged demon you hold in high esteem that Bigelf is
following up Hex so soon with Cheat the Gallows. This
album–their fourth, btw–shows they aim to claim their rightful place in
America’s rock consciousness. Then visit to check out the single, “Money, It’s Pure Evil,” then descend into a swirling vortex of insanity on “Painkillers” and

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