Earles & Jensen Sued Over Matador Album


Reason #89,457 why people make fun of lawyers and
call ‘em scumbags…

By Fred


Last month BLURT provided
you with, at no extra charge or personal disclosure forms required, a review of
the supremely twisted album from Earles & Jensen, Earles and Jensen Present: Just Farr A Laugh, Vol. 1 And 2 (Matador).


Uttered BLURT: “Who says
Caller ID killed the prank call star? As we’ve learned from Crank Yankers, Chunklet, Matt Besser and the Rotary
Retards and the Ringy-Dingy Bunch, the truly devoted will find a way to keep
fuckin’ with people. Andrew Earles and Jeffrey Jensen continue this rich
tradition with a two-disc collection that compiles 2-1/2 hours of their
legendary crank calls.” (Read the entire review HERE.)


Then the album got delayed,
and we were scratching our heads why. Now comes word that the dynamic duo is
being sued by some ambulance chaser in Hawaii.
Say what? How the hell does anyone in Hawaii
know anything about Earles & Jensen, much less Matador Records? Below is
what Earles has to say on the matter — don’t forget to check out their Matador
website page


Write your congressman about
this outrage, or if that yields zilch by way of response, send that lawyer
clown a bag of flaming poop and have the messenger boy deposit on his doorstop.



From Andrew Earles:




it or not, we’ve been served by Hawaii
attorney Peter Giftopolous. Described by one blogger as a “conosueir of
douchery”, Giftopolous finally found someone who claims he’s been defamed
by Earles & Jensen’s forthcoming 2XCD, Just
Farr A Laugh, Vol. I & II.

I’d love to tell you what I really think of this creep and his tactics, but on
the advice of Matador’s lawyers, I’ve surely written too much already. But I
can promise you that nothing else is going to get in the way of our releasing Just Farr A Laugh. Giftopolous might’ve
delayed the street date once, but we’re not gonna let him do it again, no
matter the risk to our company’s future.

Sadly, the legal fees we’ve spent on the case thus far have been astronomical.
As a result, we’ve had to dramatically reduce our print advertising budget this
spring — for instance, we had about 3 full color pages ready to roll in the next issue of Harp, and I shouldn’t have to tell you what happened when
cancelled our contract. That’s right. THE MAGAZINE WENT OUT OF BUSINESS. All
because of attorney Peter Giftopolous and his desperate clients. But we’re not
going out like that. See you in court, Peter.

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