FANS 2.0


In some cases, video really does kill the radio star.


My favorite band is old and ugly.


Or at least
that’s the case for my favorite member. Harsh, I know. But compared to
today’s annoyingly skinny, nubile poster-boys of rock, I could care
less… in my minds’ eye, he’s hot, hot, hot. Oh, and also one hell of a guitar player. Call me smitten. Read more…


A Triple-A radio
programmin g veteran, Kate has served as Music Director of the Loft at XM, Midday
Host at WYEP, Evening Host at both WNCS and WUIN, as well as Content Supervisor
for Pump Audio. Currently, she’s the CEO of Outlandos Music, a new music
discovery service for grown-ups. Kate has been nationally recognized for her
ardent presentati on of music and her ability to champion talented, compelling

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