CSNY Freedom Of Speech Tour Film, Soundtrack


Four voices, three chords, two guitars and the truth.

By Blurt Staff



CSNY: Déjà Vu LIVE (Reprise) is a sixteen track audio companion to
CSNY: Déjà Vu, the new documentary film directed by Neil Young that
opens in theaters and video-on-demand July 25 via Lionsgate. The album,
likewise, arrives in stores on July 22.  



film chronicles Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s 2006 North of American Freedom
of Speech Tour that focused on the musicians’ stand against the War in Iraq and the
impact that conflict has had on public opinion.  While the documentary deals with the interaction between the band,
audience, media and general population, the album includes full-length versions
of songs that are heard as excerpts in the film.  In some ways, the album serves as a kind of
live greatest hits collection augmented by key songs from Young’s earlier,
controversial Living With War album. It offers the listener an
opportunity to experience the legendary group’s repertoire through the prism of
contemporary conflict.   In the film,
songs from the tour are woven together with archival material, news footage,
and audience reaction and observations, as issues surrounding the integration
of politics and art are examined and observed.



performances are presented as they happened, with no overdubs — with the
exception of a 100 voice choir which was recorded prior to the tour at Capitol
Records Studios in Hollywood.  Concert audiences heard the choir’s
performance piped into concert venues so that aspect is retained in the album
as it serves to replicate the actual concert experience. 



a recent Billboard interview, Young
who produced the album with filmmaker L.A. Johnson explained the idea behind
the approach: “It really is CSNY. It’s not overdubbed, There’s no fixes. It’s
straight from the board.  The basic mixes
are the mixes that people heard when we were playing it. So it’s got rough
spots all the way through it, which I think is refreshing, especially considering
the subject matter. It is what it is, and that’s the message of the
music.”  Backing musicians who performed
on the tour and heard on the album include Rick Rosas (bass), Chad Cromwell
(drums), Spooner Oldham (keyboards), Ben Keith (pedal steel) and Tom Bray
(trumpet).  100 Voices Choir was
conducted by Darrell Brown and Rosemary Butler.



Track Listing:



 1.  What Are The Names (David Crosby)

 2.  Living With War Theme (Neil Young)

 3.  After The Garden (Neil Young)

 4.  Military Madness (Graham Nash)

 5.  Let’s Impeach The President (Neil

 6.  Déjà Vu (David Crosby)

 7.  Shock and Awe (Neil Young)

 8.  Families (Neil Young)

 9.  Wooden Ships (David Crosby, Stephen
Stills, Paul Kantner)

Looking For A Leader (Neil Young)

For What Its Worth (Stephen Stills, Richard Furay)

Living With War (Neil Young)

Roger And Out (Neil Young)

Find The Cost of Freedom (Stephen Stills)

Teach Your Children (Graham Nash)

Living With War Theme (Neil Young)


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