Commander Cody Returns!



Gas up that hot rod Lincoln and get ready to
be lost in the ozone again…

By Fred Mills


If we’re talking an album bearing the sensitive, evocative
title Drunks Dopers and Everyday Losers you know it can only be the product of a singularly twisted mind: to wit,
Commander Cody. Word arrives he’s just signed with the venerable blues label
Blind Pig for his first studio record since 1993, and that’s the kind of word
we’ll salute. Blues, boogie woogie, rockabilly and hard-twangin’ country ‘n’
swing never sounded finer than in the hands of CC.


He launched Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen in Ann Arbor in 1967, later moving to Berkeley where they were embraced by the West
Coast honky-tonk scene. The hard-touring, hard-playing group signed to
Paramount in 1971 (four albums and several hit singles, including “Lost In
The Ozone” and “Hot Rod Lincoln,” resulted), later moving to Warner
Bros. and then Arista before disbanding in 1976. CC continued to perform simply
under his stage name or as the Commander Cody Band.


As the good Commander (that’s George Frayne to his pals)
observed in a statement, “Looking to getting back in the studio after
almost 15 years, Commander Cody has beamed down from the ozone just to partner
up with old friends from Blind Pig.”


Indeed, this will be a second dance for CC and BP: the label
was also behind his acclaimed 1986 album Let’s
According to Blind Pig: “Recording sessions for the new album are
scheduled to begin in late August at the LRS Recording Studio near Woodstock, NY.
The producer, Aaron (Professor Louie) Hurwitz, plans to utilize the members of
the Commander’s current road band, which have been with him for almost twelve
years, along with veteran studio musicians from the Woodstock area.”



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