Cocaine Blues, Mike Edison Style



Blurt does not condone or endorse the
consumption of any illegal or mind-altering substance. No, we don’t. Really.

By Fred Mills



contributor Mike Edison, whose new book I
Have Fun Everywhere I Go
we excerpted in the June digital magazine edition
of BLURT (click on the image of Joan As Police Woman above and you’ll find the
story inside, along with our sidebar on Edison cohort Jon Spencer), knows a
thing or two about pot, porn and punk rock. Not necessarily in that order of
preference. He also knows a thing about making fun YouTube videos: if you haven’t
checked out his Chronicaster bong guitar video yet, you’re missin’ out.  



just hepped us to his new “Cocaine Blues” video, filmed during his West Coast
book tour promoting I Have Fun. Writes Edison,
“We’re not expecting Bong Guitar Greatness, but ain’t it cute/wp-content/photos”



can view it (along with the bong guitar thing) below. Meanwhile, Edison adds that there’s more fun in store. “This is just
a souvenir from the West Coast tour. Coming soon: video from Brooklyn, USA,
with the Delta Science Arkestra featuring Jon Spencer, Michael Chandler, Hollis
Queens and Mr. Dean Rispler, plus the debut of the long-awaited video for “I
Like To Hurt People.” Stay tuned.”


we will, Mike.





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