Cassettes Won’t Listen Takes On Kanye West



Vows To Offer Up Next Album Free If Cassettes Won’t
Listen Beats Kanye West!

By Blurt Staff


This just in…


Cassettes Won’t Listen has
agreed to to give away his next album for free if he beats Kanye West in the
nominations for Best Male Video.  MTV is giving fans the chance to
nominate their favorite artists for this year’s Video Music Awards. So far,
Cassettes Won’t Listen’s latest video for “Paper Float” is in the running.


So, Cassettes Won’t Listen
launched, because everyone knows Kanye is a good sport when it comes
to losing awards, and now people can cast their vote and help make MTV about great music once again.

To show he’s serious, Cassettes Won’t Listen is offering his next single for
free right now.  “Freeze and Explode” — which Pop Matters calls a “stunning, gorgeous, flawless pop song
[that] just explodes off of the speakers, filled with an incredible sense of
rising catharsis. It demands your attention, simply because it is one of the
best songs that 2008 has produced to date” — will be released in September with
remixes, unreleased b-sides and a brand new video.  


But for now, you can
download it as a free MP3 at You can also go to
to view the “Paper Float” video and
click the ‘VOTE’ link on the left to have your chance at helping beat Kanye


[Photo Credit: Bob Martus]


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