Carla Bruni Hypes Album, Not Hubby


But will she pose for
the cover of BLURT?

By Fred Mills


Back in the day, when BLURT was just a little ol’ print
magazine called Harp, we filled you
in on Italian-born/French-raised chanteuse, France First Lade and former
model/paramour to rock stars Carla Bruni. At the time — our September 2007 issue — her first
English language album, No Promises,
was was available only on iTunes and at Barnes & Noble, effectively cutting
out a huge chunk of her potential customer base, but it subsequently arrived
“officially” at all retail and web outlets on February 19 via Downtown Records.


It was pitched by the label thusly:


No Promises is a true celebration of the English language, a tribute to the literary greats
of our time. Carla’s fascination and deep appreciation of the language prompted
her to make an album comprised of her favorite poems interpreting them into
delicate and introspective songs. From Emily Dickinson’s
“I Felt My Life With Both My Hands” to WH Auden’s “Lady Weeping At The Crossroads”, to William Butler Yeat’s “Those Dancing Days are Gone” and “Before The World Was Made,” the songs
flow with understated emotion and a respectful interpretation that does not
overstep its creators vision, instead enhancing and modernizing the time-tested
lyricism of these shimmering works. All the while, Carla’s voice floats
smoothly along the lines of prose, using the words of others to tell a story
that is all her own.



Now arrives word of Bruni’s third album, Comme si de
rien n’était
(“As if Nothing Had Happened”), which will
be released on CD in the US next week, also on Downtown, and apparently already
a #1 hit in France, which isn’t all that surprising, but it’s also making
iTunes waves internationally. As you might surmise from the title, it’s mostly
sung in Bruni’s adopted French language.



Bruni’s set to be interviewed by Barbara Walters this Friday
on 20/20, and though the appearance
is billed as a performance/interview, you can bet the bulk of the program will
focus on Bruni and her relationship with her husband — who just happens to run France —
regardless of how she tries to steer the conversation.



Bruni also graces the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair, pictured above. But you can
find a lot more “interesting” and “artsy” photos of her simply by going to
Google Images… or at least that’s what we’ve heard.



The label scoop on the new album:


Produced by Dominique Blanc-Francard,
the critically lauded album features 10 original compositions by Carla Bruni,
one song written in collaboration with French novelist Michel Houellebecq,  another with singer Julien Clerc, and two cover songs,
including a stunning version of Bob
’s “You Belong To Me.”  At Carla Bruni’s request, her
royalties from the album will be donated to Fondation de France, for charitable
and humanitarian causes. Comme si de
rien n’etait
is the follow-up to 2007’s No Promises, which debuted at #1 in both the Billboard European Top 100 Albums Charts & the French
Album Charts.  


Comme si de reien n’était – track list:

1. ma jeunesse
2. la possibilité d’une île
3. l’amoureuse
4. tu es ma came
5. salut marin
6. ta tienne
7. péché d’envie
8. you belong to me
9. le temps perdu
10. déranger les pierres
11. je suis une enfant
12. l’antilope
13. notre grand amour est mort
14. il vecchio e il bambino

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