Buckcherry Leaked, Nobody Gives a Shit


Band’s manager “caught
with his pants down”…

By Fred Mills


Last week a song titled “Too Drunk…” from the new Buckcherry
album Black Butterfly was leaked to
the Internet pretty far ahead of the Atlantic Records release date, Sept. 15.
As the song began circulating, the band issued a statement (through Atlantic) decrying the leak, saying, “Honestly, we hate
it when this shit happens, because we want our FANS to have any new songs


Well, honestly, we
hate it when turd-rock clowns like Buckcherry get any kind of exposure – legit,
pirated or otherwise – since there are zillions of bands out there who are far
more deserving.


Seriously – look at those mooks. Real badasses, huh?


Turns out, though, that apparently it was the band’s manager who leaked
it, and needless to say, that would strongly suggest that both band and label
were complicit in the matter. The good folks at TorrentFreak.com uncovered the
marketing ploy, and they have a full report about their detective work HERE.
It’s a fascinating read that, as one pundit puts it, illustrates “how the world


Don’t look behind the curtain folks, the Mighty Oz will
protect you from all those nasty little things about the record biz you don’t
need to know….

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