Bloggin’ For Blurt: Todd Snider


Nashville songwriter/professional gadfly comes of of
the closet as a blogger!

By Fred Mills


BLURT would like to formally welcome singer-songwriter Todd
Snider to our esteemed roster of bloggers. His new blog “Peace Queer” debuted
today on the site, and you can check it out over on the right side of our
homepage with the other blogs or simply click HERE.


Snider’s got a new platter en route August 19 as well, which
he is also calling Peace Queer, and
you can read the details about it in our July 3 news item.


And while you’re checking out his blog, don’t forget to glom
onto all our other coverage, including Martin Bisi’s “The End Credits,” Justin Sane’s “Their System Doesn’t Work
For You,” James McMurtry’s “Wasteland Bait & Tackle,” David Poe’s “Gun For
a Mouth” and Hamell On Trial’s very
video blog, “Yap.”


You’ll be glad you did.


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