Black Crowes in Staredown w/Gretchen Wilson

Warning: parts of this
news item weren’t just plagiarized, they were copied verbatim!

By Fred Mills


Ever diligent about how they are portrayed in the press (you
all remember the big flap over the journalist faking the CD review, right?), the
Black Crowes, currently on tour promoting
their album Warpaint, have now turned their gaze at a fellow
artist. Apparently the band and their legal counsel have issued notices of
copyright infringement against country artist Gretchen Wilson, Turner Network Television
(TNT), Wilson’s record label Sony BMG and Wilson’s publisher, J Money



According to the Crowes’ handlers, in a press released
titled “Jealous (and used) Again”:


The copyright infringement notices allege
that Gretchen Wilson and her songwriters have  wrongfully exploited Chris
and Rich Robinson’s original composition of their hit song “Jealous
Again” for her song entitled “Work Hard Play Harder”. TNT has
further exploited the use of the composition by using Wilson’s song in video advertisement and promotion for the show “Saving Grace”.
“Jealous Again” was the lead single released in 1991 on The Black
Crowes multi platinum debut album “Shake Your Money Maker”. 


Cutting through the legalese, “wrongfully exploited”
translates as “plagiarized,” “lifted parts of it” or simply “ripped it off like
a dirty, thieving bitch.”



In a statement, band manager Pete Angelus observed, “We
find the musical verses of Wilson’s
song to be such an obvious example of copyright infringement that I expect all
parties to reach a relatively quick resolution to avoid litigation.”



Hey, anything to keep the lawyers happy!



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