Avett Brothers Ink Deal w/Rubin, American Recs


New EP The Gleam
II also en route, plus a shitload of

By Fred Mills


It’s been a poorly kept secret that uber-producer Rick Rubin
had been expressing interest in working with North Carolina’s hard-twangin’
Avett Brothers, and now the word is official: the Avetts have signed a contract
with Rubin’s American Records (which is distributed through Columbia), and are
presently working on their next album with Rubin manning the boards. In a
posting to their MySpace site, they call it “our distinct pleasure and honor to
be in such fine company.” The full text of that post appears below.



Meanwhile, the Avetts are knee-deep, as usual, on the
touring circuit — latest itinerary is listed below also — and BLURT can
definitely guarantee that an Avetts concert is an experience not to be missed.
You can check out one, ahem, fan’s hyperventilating reaction HERE. And there’s also the upcoming
Avetts EP, due July 22 from their longtime label Ramseur, entitled The Gleam II, so be watching for that.



BLURT extends our congratulations to the Avetts & Co. Keep
a rockin’, gentlemen.





To our dearest fans,

Since we first performed as The Avett Brothers, we have been fortunate enough
to find and build a genuine and mutual respect with those who care to listen.
It is this kind exchange that champions our music, and allows us the forum to
continue on our path, with this work, this art. We believe this to be an
appropriate time for a brief update, as we would like for you all to know of
the most noteworthy of present developments.

We have recently begun working on a new full length album with Rick Rubin. The
recording process has been, and will no doubt continue to be, an experience
defined by heightened levels of commitment and conviction. It is our distinct
pleasure and honor to be in such fine company as we build and bring this most
current chapter of songs to fruition.

With this union has come another ,as we have just completed and signed an
agreement with American/Columbia
, the label with whom we will proudly release our next record. It is
our sincere hope, in regard to this news, that our ongoing relationship with
Ramseur Records is understood. There have been, and will be no hard feelings or
abandon-based resentment from either party involved. The Avett and Ramseur
camps remain strongly and truthfully connected, both personally and
professionally. There has been no change in these matters through this
momentous transition.

For all of you who have gone to such great lengths to show your appreciation, we
continue in our most sincere efforts to return the sentiment. The music would
go nowhere without you. Our hearts and our minds are on the recording of this
next album, and we look forward with great anticipation to sharing it with you
all. Until then, thank you as always, and we will see you somewhere on that
open road…

The Avett Brothers
July, 2008





Avett Brothers Tour



Jul 9 2008        8:00P

            River to
River Festival            New York, New

Jul 10 2008      8:00P

& Cork             Dewey Beach, Delaware

Jul 11 2008      8:00P

            All Good
Festival       Masontown, West Virginia

Jul 12 2008      8:00P

            Paramount Center
For The Arts          Bristol, Tennessee

Jul 18 2008      8:00P

Musicians Festival       Somerset, Kentucky

Jul 26 2008      8:00P

            Koka Booth
Amphitheatre     Cary, North Carolina

Jul 27 2008      8:00P

            FloydFest        Floyd,

Jul 29 2008      8:00P

Ground            Burlington, Vermont

Jul 31 2008      8:00P

            Outerland        Edgartown,

Aug 1 2008     8:00P

Music Festival      Blue Hill, Maine

Aug 2 2008     8:00P

            Pearl Street      Northampton,

Aug 3 2008     8:00P

            Newport Folk Festival            Newport, Rhode

Aug 17 2008   8:00P

Hole Music Festival   Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Aug 19 2008   8:00P

Music Pavilion            Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Aug 20 2008   8:00P

            The Depot       Salt
Lake City, Utah

Aug 22 2008   8:00P

            Big Easy
Concert House         Boise, Idaho

Aug 23 2008   8:00P

House Vineyards         Veneta, Oregon

Aug 24 2008   8:00P

            Oregon Zoo Amphitheatre      Portland, Oregon

Aug 27 2008   8:00P

            Woodland Park
Zoo   Seattle, Washington

Aug 28 2008   8:00P

Festival   Jacksonville,

Aug 30 2008   8:00P

Music Festival      Camp Mather, California

Sep 5 2008      8:00P

            Delta Fair
& Music Festival    Memphis, Tennessee

Sep 6 2008      8:00P

Dragon           Carbondale, Illinois

Sep 7 2008      8:00P

            The Canopy
Club        Urbana, Illinois

Sep 10 2008    8:00P

Ballroom          Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sep 11 2008    8:00P

Theater         Dallas, Texas

Sep 12 2008    8:00P

            Mulberry Mountain
Harvest Music Festival   Ozark, Arkansas

Sep 14 2008    8:00P

Festival        Morrison, Colorado

Sep 19 2008    8:00P

            Jefferson Center
– Shaftman Performance Hall          Roanoke, Virginia

Sep 20 2008    8:00P

            Charlottesville Pavilion           Charlottesville, Virginia

Sep 21 2008    8:00P

            Pier Six
Pavilion – with the Drive By Truckers           Baltimore, Maryland

Sep 25 2008    8:00P

            The Jupiter

Sep 26 2008    8:00P

Memorial Auditorium     Nashville, Tennessee

Sep 27 2008    8:00P

Music & Dance Hall            Louisville,

Oct 2 2008      8:00P

            Georgia Theatre
         Athens, Georgia

Oct 3 2008      8:00P

            Georgia Theatre
         Athens, Georgia



[Photo Credit: Crackerfarm]





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