Unreleased dB’s Video Surfaces


Return to “Neverland” via The dB’s Online…
By Fred Mills


In 1982 pop legends the dB’s filmed a video for the song
“Neverland” (originally on their second album, Repercussion), but final production on the Phil Marino-shot vid was
never completed. Stills from the video nevertheless wound up being used for the
sleeve art of their third album, 1984’s Like
— about which you can read the entire story behind the making HERE.



According to a recent email missive from the band’s own Will
Rigby, however, the footage languished, the dB’s lost touch with Phil, and
before you could say ‘Super 8’ a quarter
century had gone by.”



In the meantime, however, filmmaker Jake Gorst created (in
2001) the official dB’s website, The dB’s Online, in part as an archival
resource for fans of the band and also to flag contemporary activity as the
group resumed operations a few years ago. “In no small coincidence,” Rigby advises
us, “Gorst knew Phil Marino, although neither knew of the other’s connection to
the dB’s until Jake suddenly realized and asked Phil. Through this happenstance
not only were the dB’s reunited with Phil, but he donated quite a bit of
material to the band’s archives, including the footage before you now. Jake has
edited it together with Phil’s blessing and as originally intended.”


This means, of course, that you can now view the video at
the dB’s website!

 This has been a Blurt public service — with guitars.


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