By Fred Mills


In order to benefit several worthy causes, Tom Waits
announced today that he is auctioning off 5 pair of premium tickets to his
“Glitter and Doom” tour shows in Phoenix, Houston, Columbus, and Atlanta. All four are
sold out.


The auctions start tomorrow, Wednesday, June 11, at 10am
(Pacific time) at The auction for the Phoenix show is a quick one: it will end
Friday, June 13 at noon Pacific. The other three auctions will end Thursday,
June 19 at noon Pacific.


“Some folks prefer to pay more, you get a good seat, a good
tax write off 
and a good feeling for helping for your needy neighbors,” said Waits, in a
statement. “It’s 
scalping for charity.”


(Waits fans will recall that the Bard of Bawl has a history
of going up against the scalpers; on the 2006 “Orphans” tour he went to great
lengths to ensure that tickets got into the hands of fans and not brokers. As
tour manager Stuart Ross told yours truly while the tour was underway, “It
[thwarting scalpers] can be done. The problem is that most acts don’t care. But
if you really want to crimp the style of the scalpers, all we’re really doing
is modifying the delivery option. We’re not reinventing the wheel. By not
actually putting tickets in the hands of anybody until the day of the show, and
advertising and letting everyone know that the tickets are not transferable and
only the original buyer can pick the tickets up, then we’ve eliminated 99.9% of
the game.”)




The charities (and related contact info) that the
auctions will benefit are as follow.  Read up – this is stuff you  oughta know about, right?


Young Adult & Family Center
– UCSF –
In Honor of Dr. Kim Norman

The Young Adult & Family Center (YAF) at UCSF is
dedicated to innovation the creation of clinical services, clinical training,
clinical research, health education, outreach and public policy advocacy for
the benefit of adolescents and young adults aged 12-24 and their families. Our
mission is to advance adolescent and transitional age youth’s mental health in
all communities, with a special emphasis on the most vulnerable, through
leadership in clinical care, clinical research, education, outreach and public


The Young
Adult & Family Center – UCSF

Department of Psychiatry
University of California, San Francisco
401 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94143-0984




Summerfield Waldorf

Summerfield Waldorf
and Farm provides an
inspiring curriculum based on the developmental needs of the whole child. 
The school and farm is situated on 38 acres in Sonoma County, California. 
Summerfield’s educational mission is to create a supportive environment that
nurtures the development and education of our students. And, in turn, our
students receive the foundation they need to contribute to their own
communities and the wider world.   It is a well balanced classical
curriculum where music, arts, and practical work enliven our students’ academic
achievement.  Waldorf education is now the largest private school system
in the world.


Waldorf School
and Farm

655 Willowside

Santa Rosa,
Ca. 95401

(707) 575-7194


Village of Sonoma
County –
In Honor of Georgia Lee Moses

Village of Sonoma County is an innovative foster care home for children and
youth in foster care.  We opened its first four homes in August 2006
serving children and their siblings in foster care.  We are a community
care facility serving children and youth in foster care who are unlikely to be
adopted or re-unified with biological parents.  Our program is the first
of its kind to place on-site volunteer grandparents assisted by Village
“parents,” professional therapeutic staff and 100+ volunteers – all of whom are
guided by the notion to create a loving, nurturing and supportive family
atmosphere for the kids.  The Village concept was a dream of Founder and
Executive Director, Lia Rowley.  She was spurred to action to create an
alternative to the foster care setting after working with vulnerable
populations for three decades and after learning of the murder of a 12 year old
girl she knew, Georgia Moses.



Development Manager




– Sonoma County
– In Honor of Jermiah Chass*

NAMI Sonoma
 is a grassroots family
and client organization, dedicated to improving the lives of all people
affected by mental health challenges. Our mission is education, support and
advocacy. We provide classes, support groups, art therapy, resources and
referrals, and a library. Some of our services are in Spanish, and all are
provided at no charge.


*Jermiah Chass, 16, was a much loved family and community
member and an excellent student at Analy
High School, Sebastopl,
California.He was shot to death by police responding to a 911 emergency
call from his parents, who were trying to get the mentally distressed boy to
the hospital. Jeremiah was the first of four mentally distressed individuals
shot dead by police in response to 911 calls in little more than a year.
Obviously, there is a profound lack of understanding and training of officers
who are sent out on these calls. One of NAMI’s goals is to prevent further
casualties and to work with local authorities providing police the necessary
training and education to respond.


NAMI Sonoma County

1717 Yulupa Ave

Santa Rosa CA 95405





The largest provider of homeless services in California’s Redwood Empire, between the Golden Gate Bridge
and Oregon,
is Catholic Charities. The Family
Support Center
serves children and their parents, 130 people daily, providing food, shelter, on-site childcare, medical care, a
school liaison and tutoring, and a teen center, while helping homeless parents
find jobs, housing, and the help they need to address tough issues such as domestic
violence, parenting skills, mental illness or chemical dependency.

The Homeless Service Center is a daytime drop-in center for
single adults and couples, providing 100 clients per day with showers, laundry,
storage, telephone/message service, mail, community referrals and intake for
four other shelters and emergency sick beds.  All told, Catholic Charities assists over 300 people each night at six
shelters, focusing on immediate needs and crises, especially for children,
while moving adult clients and parents towards independence.


Catholic Charities

PO Box 4900 Santa Rosa CA 95402

(707) 528-8712





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