Stop Press! Slipknot Gets Fresh Masks!



Not scheduled to pull
a KISS, unfortunately.

By Fred Mills


Tomorrow, July 1, everyone’s favorite evil clowns Slipknot
will dump their played-out costumes and don new ones. The Iowa mook merchants plan to unveil their new
imagery in an exclusive partnership with AOL MusicThe event is being billed
somewhat dubiously as a “highly anticipated debut” but hey, it’s just promotion for Slipknot’s new album, All Hope Is
due from Roadrunner on August 26, so we’re  not frettin’ the hype. Hey, we were really
thinking they’d pull a KISS and ditch the masks altogether for a much-needed
cred grab, but no such luck.


“Masks,” writes the band’s handlers, “are an integral part
of the band’s identity and to reflect this point, AOL Music’s will
host a retrospective photo gallery of Slipknot masks throughout their career,
spanning all three previous albums and including the most recent controversial
‘Purgatory Masks.’ The Slipknot mask unveiling will be featured on the main
page of worldwide for 24 hours.”


You might have thought (hoped? prayed?) Slipknot had gone
away; after all, it’s been four years since their last studio album, 2004’s Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses),
although in that interim they also released a live album and documentary CD.
Never fear: it’s clown time again. Literally.



This is not Slipknot, but if they took off their masks it might as well be:




This is actually Slipknot:


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