Stevie Ray Vaughan Mini-Guitar Issued


For the mini-me axe shredder in the house…

Fred Mills


Strat guitar maestro Stevie Ray Vaughan influence upon the modern-day era is
unquestioned, and his tragic death in 1990 in a helicopter crash left a musical
void that has yet to be filled by the countless Vaughan imitators and acolytes.
But you knew that already, right?


to prove there’s always one more way to pay tribute to the late guitarist’s
legacy, GMP Diecast is set to release a 1:3-scale Fender guitar replica of the
man’s signature axe. It features real wood neck contoured to match the real
guitar, an accurately contoured die-cast body with colors matched to the
original, moveable pickup selector switch, volume and tone controls, real steel
strings, and a moveable tremolo arm. It also comes with a display stand and
wall mount and is housed in a full-color collector’s box.


each mini-guitar individually numbered as part of a limited-edition series,
it’s got built-in collectors’ appeal as well and most likely will sell out.
GMP, based in Winder, Georgia, is currently accepting pre-orders (price tag:
$99.95) and you can view order details at the GMP website.





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