Sick and taking no shit, Josh Homme lets a
rowdy fan have it—in the face, if he’d had his druthers.

By Randy Harward


Did you hear? You
know, that Queens of the Stone Age frontguy Josh Homme read a rowdy fan the XXX version of the riot act in Oslo last
weekend? Evidently Homme wasn’t feeling too well and when a fan tossed
something at him, he lost his shit—all over the guy. Here’s a sampling of some
Homme-spun wisdom:


“Hey, do me one favor, though: don’t throw
any shit at me… I’m not so sick that I can’t go down there and beat the fuckin’
shit out, you know what I’m sayin’? I may have a fuckin’ 102 temperature and
been pukin’ for three days, but I’ll still butt-fuck you in front of all your


Homme then unleashed
the fuckin’ fury on the “pussy with the black hair,” whom he also called a
“chickenshit fuckin’ faggot” and a “pussy motherfucker.” The fan was ejected
from the show although Homme, moving toward the stage and holding his guitar
out of the way, said he wanted them to lift the fan onstage so he could “kick
him in the fuckin’ face.” The Norwegian Wood Festival security simply escorted
the fan out of the show.


You know what the
funniest thing about Scandinavia is? Its little differences. Here, Homme
might’ve gotten his wish. But was this his Michael Richards moment? Some people seem to think he could
learn a lesson (in what, taking shit from shitheads?). But BLURT sides with
Homme on this one. Tossing anything other than bras or panties or weed or dirty
pictures or Carl’s Jr. coupons onstage just ain’t cool. Fuck that guy.


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