Prince Sues Norwegian Record Label

Much ado about nuthin’
actually… why would you want to listen to 5 CDs’ worth of crappy Prince covers

By Fred Mills


Oh, snap. What do you get when you get 50 Norwegian artists
to record covers of Prince tunes and them issue the results as a 5-CD box set?
Why, a buncha lawyers descending upon the record label waving lawsuits!



That’s right. In a music news gossip item posted at The
Daily Swarm
, his Purpleness received word from C + C Records about the project
and his response was to have his legal team sue C+C and demand that all extant
copies of the box be destroyed.


Sounds like overkill to us.


Of course, there are some ironic elements here, aside from the obvious fact that TRIBUTE ALBUMS SUCK.


One is that
the box set is being billed as “a limited edition” of 5000 copies; funny, but
last time we looked, a 5000 print run for an indie label is hardly “limited.”
And who can even NAME a single Norwegian artist, much less 50?


Really, who gives a shit about a box set of Prince covers by
obscure bands on an obscure label?


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