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Prince Sues Norwegian Record Label

Much ado about nuthin’
actually… why would you want to listen to 5 CDs’ worth of crappy Prince covers

By Fred Mills


Oh, snap. What do you get when you get 50 Norwegian artists
to record covers of Prince tunes and them issue the results as a 5-CD box set?
Why, a buncha lawyers descending upon the record label waving lawsuits!



That’s right. In a music news gossip item posted at The
Daily Swarm
, his Purpleness received word from C + C Records about the project
and his response was to have his legal team sue C+C and demand that all extant
copies of the box be destroyed.


Sounds like overkill to us.


Of course, there are some ironic elements here, aside from the obvious fact that TRIBUTE ALBUMS SUCK.


One is that
the box set is being billed as “a limited edition” of 5000 copies; funny, but
last time we looked, a 5000 print run for an indie label is hardly “limited.”
And who can even NAME a single Norwegian artist, much less 50?


Really, who gives a shit about a box set of Prince covers by
obscure bands on an obscure label?


Sony/BMG Beds Down At Morrison Hotel

photographers woke up this morning, got themselves some beers.

By A.D. Amorosi


The Morrison Hotel. It’s not just an irksome yet elegant
Doors album anymore. It’s a new gallery culled from the ashes (not actual
cinder, we’re metaphor-ing here) of 313
Bowery Street in Manhattan, the late home to the legendary
CBGB Gallery.


It’s also several other galleries all owned by producer
Peter Blachley, record store owner Rich Horowitz and music photographer Henry
Diltz. There’s Morrison Hotel Galleries in Soho in NYC, La Jolla California, and LA. But
now they’ll show off photos taken by Columbia Records’ in-house photographer
Don Hunstein and others snapped at Columbia Records’ long-memorable 30th Street Studio
in Manhattan.
Lenny Bernstein did West Side Story there, Dylan did Highway 61 there.
Glenn Gould, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash. Lots. The studio was amongst the
legends, if you’re one of those guys who knows about studio stuff and remembers
life before bedroom technology.


On July 18, Sony/BMG’s new photo archive Icon Collectibles
opens the vaults, the bats’ll fly out and they’ll put ‘em on the gallery walls
of 116 Prince Street in New York City and show pictures of Mingus, Ali, Ella
and more.


Smile. Then click HERE.




Blurt TV Exclusive: DeVotchKa Video Interview/Live

Filmed in April at Asheville’s Orange Peel


By Fred Mills


On April 16, 2008, Anti- recording artist DeVotchKa
descended upon the Orange Peel — recently named by Rolling Stone as one of the top five clubs in America — in
Asheville, NC, and BLURT was on hand. We filmed a portion of the show and did
an interview with frontman Nick Urata and you can view this exclusive BLURT
video in our video section.



BLURT Multi-Media Director Allie Goolrick produced, and cub
reporter/Shuffle mag editor John
Schacht handled the interview chores. The video footage was shot by Lindsey
Liden, Manny Sadek and Kelly Doty. Big thanks to our friends at the Orange


Stars to Fall in the Fall


Sweeping in as the
leaves change…

By Fred Mills



Though there’s no new album to promote
— the most recent one was last year’s excellent In Our Bedroom After The War (Arts & Crafts) — Montreal
collective Stars will be doing a three week tour starting about NOW over in Europe then landing on the North American shores next
week. It will take them across the U.S. and back, and then back


Or, as we are smartly advised by the band’s handlers, “These
fine purveyors of heart-ache and romance will sweep in as the leaves change.”


Go to their MySpace page ( ) and you can
check out a bunch of their videos, including the new one for “Bitches in Tokyo,” directed by Kevin
Drew and George Vale, aka Experimental Parachute Movement.



Stars Tour Dates:


Jun 27 2008     8:00P

            Tivoli de Helling         Utrecht

Jun 28 2008     8:00P

            Furia Sound
Festival   Cergy Pontoise

Jun 29 2008     8:00P

            Glastonbury Festival   Pilton

Jul 5 2008        8:00P

d’été de Quebéc        Vieux-Quebec,

Jul 8 2008        9:30P

            Ottawa Bluesfest        Ottawa, Ontario

Aug 24 2008   8:00P

Francisco Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival          San Francisco,

Sep 17 2008    8:00P

            Pearl Street      Northampton,

Sep 19 2008    8:00P

Theatre       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sep 20 2008    8:00P

            Terminal 5       New
York, New York

Sep 24 2008    8:00P

            The Riviera
Theatre     Chicago, Illinois

Sep 25 2008    8:00P

            The Pageant
Louis, Missouri

Sep 26 2008    8:00P

            The Granada   Lawrence, Kansas

Sep 28 2008    8:00P

            Austin City
Limits Music Festival      Austin, Texas

Oct 1 2008      8:00P

            Avalon            Hollywood,

Oct 2 2008      8:00P

            House of
Blues – Anaheim      Anaheim, California

Oct 4 2008      8:00P

            Rio Theatre
Cruz, California

Oct 8 2008      8:00P

Ballroom       Portland, Oregon

Oct 9 2008      8:00P

            The Showbox
Theatre             Seattle, Washington

New Verve Rec Due In August


We’re just glad it
ain’t a Verve Pipe reunion!

By Fred Mills


A long, long time in coming — a decade, in fact, since
1997’s Urban Hymns — the Verve’s
fourth album Forth is set for an Aug.
19 release in the U.S.
It’ll be on the group’s homegrown label On Your Own (run, we are told, by the
Verve’s management company Big Life in association with Rob Stevenson’s company
Stolen Transmission and distributed by MRI/Megaforce/Red). Band members
Richard Ashcroft (he of the erstwhile solo career), Simon Jones, Nick McCabe
will also be making the European festival rounds this summer, although no word
yet on plans to come Stateside.


The band split in 1998, not too pleasantly, but last year
the members drifted back together. Speaking to Billboard earlier this year, band manger Jaz Summers remarked,
“This is a very special band, with four incredibly talented people. They
made three great albums before. And they’re going to make another great album
now. There’s a bit of magic when the four of them come together.”


Well, that’s what a band manager is paid to say. But this
time he just might be right…

Track Listing:

1. Sit And Wonder
2. Love Is Noise
3. Rather Be
4. Judas
5. Numbness
6. I See Houses
7. Noise Epic
8. Valium Skies
9. Columbo
10. Appalachian Springs


Verve Tour Dates:


Jun 27 2008     8:00P

            The Eden
Project        Cornwall

Jun 29 2008     8:00P

Festival   Glastonbury

Jul 4 2008        8:00P

            Werchter Festival        Werchter

Jul 5 2008        8:00P

            Bobital Festival           Bobital

Jul 11 2008      8:00P

            T In The Park Kinross

Jul 12 2008      8:00P

            Oxegen Festival          Dublin

Jul 16 2008      8:00P

            Italia Wave Festival    Livorno

Jul 18 2008      8:00P

            Summercase Festival   Madrid

Jul 19 2008      8:00P

            Summercase Festival   Barcelona

Aug 9 2008     8:00P

            Summersonic Festival             Tokyo

Aug 10 2008   8:00P

            Summersonic Festival             Osaka

Aug 16 2008   8:00P

            V Festival        Stafford

Aug 17 2008   8:00P

            V Festival        Chelmsford

State Dept. Spokesman Chokes On Boy George

Bush’s karma chameleons pull a

By Blurt


When US State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey was asked why Boy
George was denied a visa for his upcoming tour, he choked on his water. Evidently,
that the pre-emption of the erstwhile Culture Club singer’s North
American tour came up in the press conference at all shocked Casey. When
prodded to say why BG was blocked from entering the country, Casey
appropriated a lyric in a limpwristed attempt at humor saying, “Do you
really want to hurt him?”


Following it up, Casey stated, “Obviously, visa records are
confidential. But I’d simply note that there often are difficulties for
individuals who either are currently subject to criminal charges or otherwise
may have criminal records. So I think you might want to look toward some of
those reasons as why he might be having some difficulties here.”


Casey alludes to George’s pending trial for the assault and false
imprisonment of a Norwegian man, Auden Carlsen, in April 2007. According
to the UK’s
Daily Mail,
Carlsen, allegedly a male escort, was invited to George’s home to pose for
photographs. Carlsen denies being an escort, saying he agreed only to the photo
session and accuses George and a companion chained him to a wall, then trotted
out the whips and chains and dildos (to be fair, the Mail says
sex toys, not dildos, so maybe they were french ticklers and pocket, uh, pockets).


Casey said
no more on the matter; you can view the video of the press briefing HERE.


Carlsen case goes to trial in November 22 in London. George is appealing the visa
denial, and hopes to complete part of the 29-date tour, which was to begin July
10 in Aspen, CO
with stops in five Canadian cities before culminating in a House of Blues
performance in Dallas, TX. As well, it includes a planned free
show for the New York Department of Sanitation’s on August 17 for the
DSNY’s Family Day–meant to express his gratitude for their kindness when he
worked with the DSNY in 2006 (as part of court-ordered community service for
filing a false police report in August of that year). 


George states, “I am getting my life together and was really looking
forward to performing in concert for all my loyal fans. I love America and I
am really sad that it appears that I am not allowed to visit a place that I
have called home at various times in my life. But what has happened to me has
nothing to do with the American people–they are kind people with big


dates for the now-uncertain North American tour–George’s first in a decade—can
be found at our June 12 news item on Boy George (check that photo, kids!).




Tom Waits All Keyed Up in El Paso


They like him, they really like him!

By Blurt Staff


Tom Waits,
currently on the road for his Gloom And
tour, was about a quarter of the way into his set at the El Paso’s
Plaza Theatre when Frank Perez—a uniformed officer–walked onstage, which
prompted Waits to explain, “I paid all those tickets” and “she was dead when I
got there.” Perez was soon followed by Councilwoman Susie Boyd who handed the
Bard of Bawl a plaque which held a key to the city. Waits, visibly moved said,
“This is a first for me, a real first.”


Concert reviews
from the tour have been uniformly ecstatic. Here are some clips, courtesy
Waits’ p.r. agent:


“Friday’s…show at the Plaza Theatre…probably was unlike anything
ever seen in the historic, atmospheric movie palace, before and after its 2006
restoration….playing out like some twisted journey through a house of broken
mirrors…Friday’s concert was part performance art, part roadhouse blues
revival, all good.” (—Doug Pullen, El Paso Times)


“No artist brings together a larger collection of scar-covered and
demon-riddled humans in his work than Tom Waits, whose keen observations of the
human condition are funneled through characters holding on dearly to thin
swatches of hope…Waits opened his oddly routed world tour Tuesday in Phoenix
with a riveting and cohesive two-hour set that felt like a reunion of oddballs,
crackpots and believers telling their stories through a series of wheezes,
harrumphs and shouts.” (—Phil Gallo, Daily


“Credit Waits for stomping…with some combination of passion and
urgency that never feels like a put on. His is a theatrical show, make no
mistake about it. He flails about like a man in the throes of a seizure, and
when he stomps on the stage a little cloud of smoke flies up. But the theatrics
never clutter the songs.” (—Andrew Dansby, Houston


“In the 20-odd years since Tom Waits last played Dallas, his music has grown more demented
and, at the same time, more poignant.” (—Thor Christensen, Dallas Morning News)


“Waits is underrated as a vocalist. His baritone is easy to
caricature, but a lengthy concert like this one offers a chance to hear what
else he can do. He often capped a song with an eerie falsetto; on a couple of
songs…he adopted the hiccupping style of early Elvis Presley…And he was frankly
emotional on the ballads that demand that approach…Over the years, Waits has
developed a stage presence that complements his penchant for vocal disguise.
Following the lineage that connects Japanese Kabuki theater to Bertolt Brecht’s
Theater of Alienation, Waits mimics the actions of the soul man or the preacher
until they become surreal. (—Ann Powers, Los Angeles Times)


Waits continues
his tour through St. Louis (6/26), Columbus (6/28), Knoxville (6/29),
Jacksonville (7/1), Mobile (7/2), Birmingham (7/3) and Atlanta (7/5), before
heading off to Europe for a string of dates.



Blurt TV Exclusive: Patti Smith Doc Clip


Blurt submits, for
your approval, this super-sneak preview of the upcoming Patti Smith


By Fred Mills


Dream Of Life was written
and directed by Steven Sebring. It was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at
Sundance this year, and Sebring and Phillip won the Sundance Cinematography
Award. You heard rumors about it ages ago, perhaps more concrete information
earlier this year, and finally, if you were lucky, you might have even attended
a screening at various film festivals.


Check out the preview trailer in our Video section, or just
click HERE.



Poet. Artist. Singer. Friend. Mother. Activist. Performer.




Now coming to a theater near you. What, you’d rather see
that Hulk flick? Shame on you…


CHANNEL GUIDE: Thursday Music

Compiled by Blurt Staff


57 channels and nothin’ on? Not likely. Here’s BLURT’s top
music television picks of the day. The time is followed by the
network/cable/satellite channel, then the name of the program and/or featured artist(s).
All times are EST. For a comprehensive hour-by-hour listing, go to the VH1
Rock On TV
site. Note that for certain channels, shows frequently
repeat during the day on or subsequent days.





7:35 AM Starz Edge: Drive Well, Sleep Carefully: On The Road
With Death Cab For Cutie


10:00 AM Comedy Central: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:


10:10 AM Showtime Next: Le Tigre: Eurockeennes of Belfort Festival


2:00 PM MOJO: London Live!: a-ha , Duels , Belle &


4:00 PM FUSE: Steven’s Untitled Rock Show: Gogol Bordello,


4:30 PM Starz In Black: Poetic Justice (1993)


8:00 PM BET: Hip Hop vs. America II: Where Did The Love Go?:
Pt. II


9:00 PM FUEL: The Daily Habit: Damien Jurado


9:00 PM RAVE HD: Glastonbury
Festival 2007: The Killers , Paul Weller , Rufus Wainwright , Gogol Bordello , Arcade Fire , Paolo Nutini


11:00 PM MOJO: London
Live!: Beck


11:35 PM NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Sheryl Crow ,
Justin Timberlake


12:05 AM ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cyndi Lauper


12:30 AM Encore Love: Less Than Zero (1987)


1:35 AM NBC: Last Call with Carson Daly: Brett Dennen


2:00 AM FUEL: Check 1, 2: The Cool Kids


(Pictured: Damien Jurado)


Backyard Tire Fire Incoming!

Red hot
Midwest band hits road, drops load.

By Fred Mills


Backyard Tire Fire’s new album The Places We Lived drops Aug.
26 via our good friends at Hyena, and prior to that the Bloomington,
Illinois-based combo will hit the road for a Midwest tour. Bloodshot’s Ha Ha
Tonka will handle opening duties, and then later this year the band will go out
on tour as an opener itself, for Reverend Horton Heat.


Here’s the scoop from Hyena:


by a rare combination of workingman authenticity and indie-rock eccentricity, The
Places We Lived
is defiantly contemporary, while remaining true to its
Midwestern roots. It’s a collection spiked with the truth-telling salt of Hank
Williams, the beautiful melancholy of vintage Tom Waits and the pop smarts of a
Midwest Big Star. On songs like “How In The Hell Did You Get Back Here,”
“Shoulda Shut It”
and “Rainy Day,” Backyard Tire Fire balance pointed songwriting with visceral performances and
intriguing studio production. The Places We Lived follows the band’s
2007 studio effort, Vagabonds and Hooligans, a pivotal release
that found the group popping up on numerous tastemaker blogs and year-end
“best of” lists. They’d go on to play over 200 dates last year,
including opening slots and co-bills with Jason Isbell, Clutch, Lynyrd Skynyrd
and William Elliott Whitmore among others. 


Backyard Tire Fire Tour Dates:

June 30 / Summerfest / Milwaukee, WI
July 3 / Naperville Ribfest / Naperville, IL
July 18 / Ravenswood  Festival / Chicago, IL
July 19 / Donoroo Festival / St. Louis, MO
July 27 / Forecastle Festival / Louisville, KY
August 1 / Dunegrass Festival / Empire, MI
August 3 / Brown Baer / Elkhart Lake, WI

August 22 & 23 / Paulie’s / Bloomington, IL
September 5 / Metro / Chicago, IL
September 10 / Picador / Iowa City, IA
September 11 / The Rave Bar / Milwaukee, WI
September 12 / The Annex / Madison, WI
September 13 / 7th St. Entry / Minneapolis, MN
September 17 / TBD / Columbia, MO
September 18 / Record Bar / Kansas City, MO
September 19 / Josie’s / Emporia, KS

September 20 / Lucas School House
/ St. Louis,

September 24 /  Grog Shop / Cleveland, OH
September 25 / The Basement / Columbus, OH
September 26 / Spin Nightclub / Indianapolis, IN (Sponsored
by My Old Kentucky Blog)
September 27 / Southgate House / Newport, KY
December 3 / Mercy Lounge / Nashville, TN (w/ Reverend Horton
December 6 / Majestic Theater / Detroit, MI (w/ Reverend Horton
December 7 / Intersection / Grand Rapids, MI (w/ Reverend Horton Heat)
December 8 / Oneida Casino / Green Bay, WI (w/ Reverend
Horton Heat)
December 10 / Ottos / Dekalb, IL (w/ Reverend Horton Heat)
December 11 / Peoples Court / Des Moines, IA (w/ Reverend Horton
December 12 / Cotillion Ballroom / Wichita, KS (w/ Reverend Horton
December 13 / Cains Ballroom / Tulsa, OK (w/ Reverend Horton Heat)


[Photo Credit: Eric Schwab]