NIN: 2 More Ways To Give Us The Slip


Nine Inch Nails  to offer limited CD/DVD and unlimited vinyl
editions of album.

By Blurt


Let’s hear
it for added value: After offering its latest album, The Slip, as a free download, Nine Inch
Nails has prepared two physical releases of the album, both with a price


On July 22
comes a six-panel digipak CD/DVD iteration of The Slip, limited to a scant 250,000 copies (get ’em while
they’re hot, people) and containing tour rehearsal footage, 24-page
booklet–and stickers! Then on August 5, and here’s marketing brilliance
for ya, they’ll unleash an unlimited gatefold 180-gram vinyl version of the album. (Each retails for $24.98.)


somebody should tell Trent Reznor he has this backwards–or maybe this is just
another upside-down, bizarro NIN twist? The mind reels.



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